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Derian Alexander  Your elevation may require your isolation '16 ⭕️lympia competitor '17 ⭕️lympia competitor IFBB Athlete

Merry Christmas to you & yours. 🎄🎄🎄#merrychristmas

Moments. Memories. Mates. #thanksgiving2017

Dear broskis and broskettes. 2nd video for food challenge is up on youtube account. And of course link in the description, don't forget to like, share, and subscribe :))

Link in bio :)
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Account Name: Yellow monkey

Last time i ate this bad boy was 7 years ago. And now i just ate 10 of this. Surprisingly as easy as it gets. Should i give competitive eating a try? #10indomie

Casual morning routine - @schwarzenegger

It's been one hell of a year for my family, within the span of 6 months both of my granddad had passed away. Yeah sure it sucks, yeah sure every member of the family shed every tears possible, but to be honest we are happy for them. For they have ascended to the better place, to a happier state of being, free from pain.
Never in my mind crossed the thought of losing a beloved family member.
Last year, i still have the opportunity and chance to be beside them, having a good time, laughing, telling stories. And here i am right now, staring in disbelief.
For all of you, this is a reminder to be thankful for what you have as much as you can and cherish the one you love as if there's no tomorrow, because you'll never know what will happen. Sure it's nice and dandy to be extravagant with all of the materialistic things, but it's just plain useless if you don't have people to be held precious and to love. I regret that i don't have enough time to spend with my grandfathers, i regret that i don't love them enough, and i regret that i spend way too much time away from my them. Please don't make the same mistake as me, this holiday, hug your family as tight as you can, once again be thankful and don't forget to let them know that you love them.

Just a constant reminder. Focus of what you're gaining rather than what you're giving up. #happyfriday

Exactly a year ago, me and my buddy watched the superbowl of bodybuilding, a.k.a Mr Olympia. We hit the gym afterwards coz we are so pumped and motivated, and when the midnight bell rings he wished me happy birthday as the olympia weekend always falls on my birthday. This is what he said "keep up the hard work and to the olympia we go buddy". A simple sentence, yet the impact on me is unmeasurable. As Time goes by, piece by piece everything starts to look possible. Until the word from a fellow gym member that i passed into told me that i can enter the olympia contest in men's model division. And to say no is a no-brainer for me, this is a valuable experience that not everyone can get. So as the prep begins, first 6 weeks feels like a walk in a park, then comes the next 6 weeks, still okay although there's a bit of unmotivated thoughts here and there but still manageable. As for the last 4 weeks, it feels like hell, when people say "it's you vs you" that is the true representation of the final weeks of contest prep. It's more of a mental challenge rather than physical, although physically you're wrecked you just gotta push through. Severe calorie deficit, cardio amount that sounds unfathomable, lethargy and nausea that seems to be your new best friend. And keep in mind, even with that my contest condition might not be the best that you've ever seen, but for damn sure it's the best that i've ever been. It's all comes down to this moment, tomorrow as i step on stage i will take the title of the youngest olympian in history at 19 years old and the only indonesian up there. Remember, other people might make fun of you, diss you, but at the end of the day don't let your vision be crushed by them. FOCUS WITHIN
#IAmOlympian #Ifnotmethenwho #ifnotnowthenwhen #Olympia16 #captiongamestrongbruh

Old but gold. #dirgahayu71 #merdeka

Thank you for every bit of message and wisdom that you gave to us, and I'm sorry for not being able to stay with you in your last moments. The pain of losing is inevitable. But it's okay, for we know this is a process of ending the old and begin anew. Last message this is not. A song has ended but the melody lingers on, until we meet again one day. May you rest in peace.

No one can say it better than this man #NoBitchAssness

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