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derek liang | california  photographer based in southern california. • @sonyalpha • part 107 certified pilot

// road views — as i was driving through this beautiful state, i couldn't help but notice the road perfectly leading up to the cliffs of red rocks out in the distance. in every direction, Utah is full of beautiful sights, from cliffs, canyons, domes, and arches of red rock and as such, there are countless things to shoot as a photographer. that could be a blessing or a curse and sometimes, setting the camera down and taking in the scenery as you see it is more than enough.

// 🌴— with yet another winter storm arriving during this road trip, it's time to remember the warmer evenings back in california 😌

// from the skies — staring out into the snow lined canyons below, just realizing the sheer scale before your eyes is truly overwhelming.
and also thank you @deadhorsepoint for clearing the roads to the park and setting a great example on how to regulate unauthorized drone use. most drone operators fly with caution and want to do nothing malicious but capture and share these beautiful landscapes from unique perspectives.

// bryce — although i wasn't able to explore the amphitheaters down below due to winter conditions closing off the trails, at least some of the viewpoints were accessible. i set out to catch the sunrise the morning after a snowstorm, putting on snow chains on my car since the plowers had not gotten to the roads within the park this early. and then walked through two feet of snow to the viewpoint. i was treated to this view of the valley engulfed in fog, and i had it all to myself.

// watchman during sunset — driving into the valley and seeing the snow dusted across the red cliffs of Zion is truly a sight. having spent only two days here, i'm definitely planning on coming back here and exploring the rest of the park.

// alabama hills — it was a long day yesterday, from waking up shortly after midnight to drive out to lone pine to catch the sunrise. it was pretty incredible seeing the snow capped sierras slowly light up. and then i was off to Zion. a few more hours through Death Valley NP and a short stop for tacos in Vegas, i managed to get to Zion NP a few hours before sunset so i snuck in a quick hike to some icy waterfalls.

// queen mary — although i was hoping for some clouds to light up, the clear skies ended up working quite well!

// splashes at the arch — heading out on a road trip across the southwest next week. pretty excited to finally hit some incredible spots that have been on my list for a while now!

// morning views — early morning views with fiery skies across the bay into san francisco.

// motion of the waves — i've been playing around with long exposures seascapes recently, and can definitely say it has opened up a new perspective on shooting seascapes. and it's quite fun to see the final result, sometimes not what you expected at all 😂

// glow of the winter evening — couldn't ask for a better shot with the sun setting behind catalina island and the pier.

// stormy seas — last moments of an amazing sunset down by the beach. it's always a challenge shooting with clouds. some times, it is a gloomy mess and you just want to head home early. but when you finally get that picturesque sunset with colorful clouds painted across the sky, it's extremely rewarding.

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