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Derek  I take pictures. Not a lot. But the ones that I do sometimes look better with effects. So I put them here.

More Nazi trash found and disposed of. They aren't everything to hide what they are anymore. I'd love to find someone putting em up.

Today's mail day: a book by the man who was instrumental in getting me into baseball and will forever be my favorite player, and a book by the husband of the teacher who started me down a path that led to me wanting to be a baseball writer. Very excited about reading both of these soon.

Finally a rape van to lure in cynical 20 somethings! #wedontwantcandy #wejustwantsin #andsomecandywouldbenicetoo

Chillest bird ever. Literally walked right past it and then got in real close for this and it never flinched.

View from the hot tub.

So, earlier, I posted about 4 Nazi stickers I found on some stop signs by Kroger. Tonight, encountered 4 more at the Wal-Mart grocery store. Took em down (well, one still has a few strips, but someone had hacked it to shit before I got there so it was tougher), and replaced one with a much better sticker from my dear friend @willhnsly. So thanks Will for sticker, because nobody likes Nazis but everyone should love Kaijuu.

Just a friendly reminder that if you see white nationalist garbage around town to take that shit down. Spotted these on the stop sign by the Old Kroger pharmacy on Dixie.

Seriously. How the hell did the shirt get approved? #dragonballz #dbz #dragonball #swastika

I don't wanna clear my notifications. #nationalchampionship #NorthCarolina

As if Steak n Shake didn't already take too long, here's a goddamn semi.

Reading by the (fake) fire.

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