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derek  sc:doeur x twitter:derekfriedrice I drive a bagged lawnmower

I told my crush to stop rejecting my love and erection and then she blocked me for some reason... I later realized the phrase is love and affection..😞

All the internets keyboard warriors hurted my feelings and shit, so the time has come. Someone local buy my wing so I can buy a bigger one. 📸: @2shanes_

Girls are like perfect fitment, gotta chase that shit and make it work, then maintain it 😤😤 tires every 6 months or fenty palettes err now and then, just send it 😤 damn I’d wife me up 📸: @2shanes_

I’m tryna go back to Vegas and uhh look at cars 🌚

‪So if we’re good friends now and I only started talking to you cause I liked ya tiddies... can I call you my breast friend or ‬

‪Your input is as valuable as Stevie Wonder’s opinion on a fashion show ‬

Catch me in my car shirt at all functions 📸:

‪Don’t slide in my DMs asking bout my wheels specs, what my offsets and quavos are. We ain’t amigos like dat 😤‬
... slide in and send nudes tho 📸:

How you gone be lowered on springs that drop you 1.21 inches and tell me Static is better than bags 🌚🤷‍♂️

‪Some girl said I can’t be ricegod if I’m not Asian so uh... I had to slap some sense into her by doing her math homework and showing her how big my peepee isn’t ‬😤

Get you a Asian boy 2018, we’ll treat you like our math tests and never cheat on you...💕 📸: @2shanes_

They dropped a pin and said they needed ice, so we pulled up... didn’t know they meant for the beer cooler 🤷‍♂️🌚

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