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Derek Erdman  "America's 17th most prolific painter."

If there was a cereal called JACKIE Os, would you eat it? #houseofyes

FREE POSTER SET: dm with your address for a set of these GREAT posters, also come out to BRIT POP AT BAIT SHOP with me and Gareth (actual guy from London) next Tuesday. FREE TOOTHBRUSHES, mushy peas, mope music. TRUE FACT: I hugged Morrissey in 1992, he was kinda smelly.


Ashley and I aren't moving away from Seattle until September 1st, we're not sure if we're going to Chicago or NYC. You can't have our apartment because our landlord won't allow it, but you can apply for my job if you want it.

I'll say! (w/ intentional typo)

Made this Leonard Cohen drawing for a gift certificate commission, though we both agreed it was not my style, alas, I give it to the Internet.

Happy belated birthday to @mariekemcclendon a great friend and great artist, who apparently received some Daffy Duck underwear for a past birthday, though I've changed them to polka dots. #sorry !

TONIGHT: I brought three dozen fresh bagels from New York for your enjoyment at my last Seattle gallery show with Brandon Vosika at Vermillion. Cool paintings, cool people, hot bagels (?). #warmbagels

Happy Woman's Day to my radical single mother, strong as no other, always taught me to put the toilet seat down.

This is a pretty good painting, but also a not very good painting too.

Five bar Black Flag tat with my best NY pals at an astounding Raymond Pettibon exhibit. Thank you Fortuna for this glorious day! 👌👏🙏

Yeah, "whatever."

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