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Derek E. Baird 🎧  Digital entertainment & youth media guy. Palo Alto via Laguna Beach w/ stops in SLC, KC, L.A., OKC, Stuttgart & the wonderland known as Cleveland.

Fun get together with @wlmoseley @robbyswimmer and Paul! Here's Paul and I trying out Instagram's new Margarita filter! Hoping we didn't scar Robby for life. 😜

La La Land in Concert at Hollywood Bowl! All hail, Pasek & Paul!
#lalaland #pasekandpaul #cityofstars #losangeles #hollywoodbowl

LA's very own, ‪ #‎themostfamousartist‬ has struck again with his art installation, the #selfiewall, just down the street from the epicenter of all selfie absorbed culture---Snapchat HQ.

So what's he trying to say? Social commentary on L.A.'s celebrity driven culture? Or a mirror of how #selfie obsessed we've become as a society. Who knows, but I bet you can't look at this without thinking of that song.

Go grab your selfie stick, head down to Venice, but first let me take a selfie.

Saturday Vibes.

Weekend Plans.

❤ yo mammas!

Golden Lasso ✔️
Invisible Plane ✔️
Wrist Cuffs ✔️
Bad Ass Moves ✔️
Bring on #WonderWoman ✔️
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What I've always loved about the Internet is how it can turn random encounters with strangers into meaningful friendships. My first taste of this was on Flickr. The universe kept leading me to some of the coolest and most interesting people who soon became dear "real life" friends. And the oddest part to me was how, when we finally met up in real life…it wasn't weird. No awkward pauses. No lulls. It's like we've been friends since the dawn of time. On Friday, the universe and the internet worked its magic again when @thejeffnorton ---someone who I've crossed paths with via tweets and 'grams many moons ago---and I met up for lunch in Westwood Village. Jeff couldn't have been nicer and I had a blast talking about his new book, #KeepingTheBeat, the creative process, all things kids entertainment & our mutual love of "Ferris Bueller!" Thank you Jeff for a great afternoon of conversation and laughs---and, until next time, safe travels back to London. And hey, Internet---thank you!

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