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Derek Boyer  Derek Boyer. Undefeated 15 years Australia's Strongest Man Competition.

"Gladiator $10 a week Challenge"
Day 7 of 7.
Last remaining food from my $10 weekly spend. 1kg Roast potato with one corn and some frozen tomato for pre workout snack.
Roasting potato last night provides a great change.....and I really enjoyed dipping potato into pan tray cooking oil. My body is really craving kilojoules for energy.

Time to train.

Gladiator $10 a week Challenge.
Day 4 of 7

Training hard, going over and above the challenge requirements.
It takes effort but it's worth it......looking forward to a batch of potato soup when I get home....I'm starving

"Gladiator $10 a week Challenge"
Day 3 of 7

How does going Vegetarian for a week like my idol the World Gym Gorilla sound?

I'll show you my full body composition scan / bio scan at the end of the week Challenge.....My goal is to strip fat on just carbs from potato soup all day every day for 7 days.

Accompanied by 2 hours commitment training ( 5km Walk with 10kg load and 60 minute full body training circuit.

Time to go and train.......

"Gladiator $10 a week Challenge"
Day 2 of 7

Working out makes me feel good....feeling the blood pump through each muscle with high volume light reps - loads my muscle bellies with glycogen from the carbs ( potato soup ) I'm eating..... Completed the 5km Walk in different intervals today and 60 minute full body circuit.

Time to go home and eat a 1/3 of the potato soup I have still in the pot...then prep another batch for tomorrow.

All is good so far :-)

Gladiator $10 a week Challenge.
Day 2 of 7..
Living on just a $10 grocery spend for an entire week is tough but it's possible.... Eating my frozen pre workout Avocado.....great energy that I will need to complete 5km Walk ( one hour ) and - 60 min full body Workout.

The freezer is so important....I literally froze everything to keep everything fresh.
Time to work :-)

"Gladiator $10 a week Challenge"
Day 2 of 7....
Improvising and eating on the run with my pre-made Potato soup which I'll graze on throughout the day.....waiting to see my physio, then doctor then back to gym to train clients and myself.
Food is energy and my body is appreciative of the energy this simple dish gives me.....I'm recharged.

I've got some frozen banana (4) and avocado (1) which I acquired from my bargain buy at Woolworths ($3 bag) to use as fuel for my workouts which I'll split over the course of today.

Gladiator $10 a week Challenge" Day 1 of 7...
This is my official Bio Scan from yesterday.....My starting point.

Body weight: 112.9
Fat free body mass: 103.2kg
Body fat percentage: 8.6%
Basal metabolic rate: 2,600 kcal.

"Gladiator $10 a week Challenge" Day 1 of 7
Eating on the is so busy and I have both heavy Work and Training commitments so I eat wherever I can.....improvised weight bench and step up gym box......

"Gladiator $10 a week Challenge" Day 1 of 7
I've prepped and frozen all my food for the next 7 days.
Last night I cooked up 1.2kg of potato turnip and 1 corn to eat for today.
I've portioned out 2/3 of hotpot to take with me for the day ahead.

Blessing the food I consume is a ritual I will undertake before every meal....:-)

"The Gladiator $10 a,week Challenge" begins!
After plenty of research I've managed to buy this receipted produce..... 2 x 5kg Washed Potato from Cisco's in Carrara for $3 each.
1 x Opportunity bag with assorted semi unblemished fruit / veg from Woolworths, Carrara for $3
1 x home brand coffee reduced to $1 / last on shelf.

Total = $10.

I'll divide andprep every piece of produce I not my weekly strategy to survive this challenge.

My challenge starts tomorrow tonight I'll make a potato soup that I can graze on throughout the day tomorrow.

Show your friends and Follow me through this challenge to see the results!

Trick or treat.....give us some lollies or else we will do our Gorilla dance on your front porch!
Off to haunt the neighbourhood...on this hallowed If you hear a knocking on the front door make sure you've got lollies.....

I'm the proudest Dad in the World!

I have a little chuckle to myself when ever I walk into my son Charles class room and see this one little desk that is separate and down the back from all the others in the class.....his teacher tells me he's too disruptive.....
I think great! the little guy marches to his own drummer and as he's not another cog / sheep in the system following the very controlling rules set by the schooling system.

I tell my son to follow the truth of his heart and I will always stand by him.

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