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Derek Blasberg 

Since I’m sitting here at jury duty patiently waiting for an opportunity to honor my civic duty, I figured I’d dig up this third degree #tbt from the night I attempted to reenact all my favorite scenes from ‘Call Me By Your Name’ with @armiehammer. 👯‍♂️ (For the record, he didn’t respond to “Derek” once.) Ps. The most incredible part is that the 📸 credit is none other than @cindycrawford!

Me walking into Day 2 of jury duty ⚖️👮‍♀️

It was such a beautifully British weekend (congrats Jack & Eugenie!) one wonders why we bothered with all that Revolutionary War and Declaration of Independence stuff? 🇬🇧💕🖼☕️

Am I the only American who didn’t wear a @stellamccartney frock to this thing? 🇺🇸🇬🇧💅🏻

Delevingne for a day 🇬🇧👩‍👩‍👧‍👦🎩

#TBT to last week when @parishilton threw @nickyhilton’s birthday party in her apartment of mirrors, selfie lights, miniature dogs and framed magazine covers of herself. I ate my feelings in birthday cake, danced to Backstreet Boys songs, and reminisced on Simpler times. #imissthe00s

Back in the trenches. (Literally.)

'Twas a tough weekend—judicially, emotionally, questioning gender equality in general, the discovery of a mysterious two-faced dragon from Maine in the U.S. Senate—so I'm honoring its ending by drinking beer and eating fried food covered in cheese and counting down the days till November 🍺🍔🍟📆

H O M E S W E E T H O M E 🇺🇸

TFW your mere existence disappoints an entire crowd. [UPDATE: They were waiting for @madonna]


Is this @karllagerfeld’s version of a boutonniere? (And how’d he know it’d match my outfit? Gawd, he’s good.) 💐

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