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Derek Blasberg 

In 2015, my friends Bee and Sarah were producers on the Seth Meyers show. When I heard Aretha Franklin was coming on I did something I’d never done before: I threatened their lives if they didn’t let me come watch from backstage. Why? RESPECT. That night I tucked into a green room at NBC studios and waited for the Queen to arrive. Even though it was super hot and muggy — turning off the A/C was one of her longtime performance requirements — she arrived in a fur coat that she took off only two seconds before she went on stage and sang a reworked version of “I Will Survive.” I nearly died. Curiously, Aretha had a sparkly purse with her at all times, which she insisted on always having in her eye line — even when she performed. (It was placed on Seth’s desk while cameras rolled.) Someone told me it contained $10,000 in cash, “just in case.” After the show she hung around and was every bit as regal as I’d hoped — I even met the full-time purse holder. (That’s his shoulder behind me in this pic.) As I read all these touching memorials today, I keep thinking of the fur coat and the pocketbook of cash: The Memphis-born daughter of a preacher who became the undisputed Queen of Soul around the world. I say a little prayer for you, too.

The Real Housewives of New York fashion Week 🍎

I’ll just be watching “Friends” reruns anyway

Our jokes are very tongue-in-cheek. (Mine figuratively, hers literally.) ❤️🤪 Happy birthday @caradelevingne!

Tripping balls at Yayoi Kusama’s incredible “Narcissus Garden” installation in the Far Rockaways. @momaps1

The sort of chivalrous gentleman who’d totally help you with your oxygen mask before helping himself. (Even though that’s categorically not what you’re supposed to do.) Happy birthday to my favorite seat mate @nickbrown! 💕✈️👬

Auditioning for my cameo as “Bruiser's dog walker” in Legally Blonde 3 🐶👅 @reesewitherspoon

Sock it to ya, Monday! 🥀

After waiting on a Paris street corner like a French courtesan for an hour, I spoke to @katyperry about meeting the Pope, making mental health a priority, and the pitfalls of dating an actor. Read all about it in @vogueaustralia’s September cover story. #lateyperry

BREAKING NEWS: Carbs are more addictive than cigarettes! @rosiehw 🍟🚬

Jet lag is a bitch! Typically, when I can’t sleep I do something super un-productive, like watch reruns of Golden Girls on my laptop. (High School Musical 3 has weirdly gotten a lot of play too.) But this week, when I flew from London to L.A. and kept waking up at the butt crack of dawn, I tapped into my inner Steven Spielberg and starting filming the sun come up. Now, I’m officially obsessed with the Time-Lapse feature—which I know has been on every iPhone for forever but whatever.

I’m a lucky boy to have a little sister who’s grown into such a big friggin’ deal! (I’m less lucky that the photographer didn’t crop my feet out of this friggin’ picture.) Happy birthday to you, @karliekloss. You’re the kutest girl in the world and wishing you all the best. Ps. I’m 6’ tall. Promise.

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