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Derek Munroe  ⚡️Team Flux⚡ Sc: derkyderkk 📲 "У тебя красивые сиськи" -Eugene Logvinski. Probably twice ⬇️Yt videob


NO WAY @camshorey77 😳😳| film creds @kelly_graber | @skylargugenberger @nickfeehan_ @jakke_murphy | #flippingfeed | yt video in my bio, watch it now...

⚡️Power @camshorey77 @5thdimensionathletics | dub cork came outta nowhere 😉

More ground stuff with @camshorey77 @nickfeehan_ | rudy or sidefull? | #flippingfeed | weather its absolutely horrendous so this was like the only time i was outside in the past two weeks 😂| also i need to cheat my fulls lmao

❤️🌺Ground stuff from the past few days because I couldn’t help making a video | messed around with my standing side tech and they are much better now | @camshorey77 @kelly_graber | #flippingfeed

Flip check for @joshuawith_tricks17 (broke his neck while attempting a trick) i was nominated by @char_that_shreds_gnar and i nominate @ryanmalloy_ and @johnc_flips #flippingfeed

Dub cody x trip back landed raw 😂😍@camshorey77 | #flippingfeed | sorry the tramp sounds really healthy!

Cork from my snap ->> derkyderkk | add me for more I guess lmao | #flippingfeed

PROMO!!! #NDB | thanks to @dansheikh_ for making this amazing edit | @camshorey77 | hopefully I'll be back sometime soon :(: #flippingfeed

Chill side full from the other day because it's hard to not flip 😂 | @cambay14 @nickfeehan_ @jaden.jardine @kelly_graber

Promo out soon, not sure when I'll be able to flip hopefully soon :( I miss it @camshorey77 | #flippingfeed

Something different #1sttry🍂 really happy I got these and hopefully MUCH bigger tricks with this soon #fullfull #miller | #flippingfeed @aconofficial | reason I was so happy with this is because twisting doubles have been literally impossible for me until this

DUB BACK X TRIP SIDE X TRIP CODY | sorry for terrible quality and edit I just don’t have anything to edit with rn | #flippingfeed @aconofficial

TRIP SIDE X DUB CODY LANDED | such a fun trick to do, hopefully I can do stuff this weekend cuz I wanna do insane stuff | #flippingfeed | (i would do trip cody out but my tramp is terrible after 1 bounce lmao)

TRIP CODY LANDED NDB | INSANE YT VIDEO OUT SOON w/ @camshorey77 @domenic_morse @jakke_murphy (editor) | #flippingfeed | no im not back I flipped anyways

Add my snap! | derkyderkk | still not sure when i'll be back but hopefully whenever i can fix my final cut or I get after effects, I can make my promo 😂 | @camshorey77 | #flippingfeed

Not sure when i'll be able to flip but y'all wanna see a promo? | @camshorey77 | #flippingfeed

Bridgejumping video out in bio!! So much fun with @camshorey77 @patrickburns529 | #flippingfeed | @cassiemcgonagle

233 IN BACKFLIPS NDB!!! | @jakke_murphy | @camshorey77 | #flippingfeed | for @jaydenblue.fr

STANDING TRIPLE CODY COMBO TO QUAD SIDE!!! W/ @patrickburns529 @jakke_murphy | WOODWARD YOUTUBE VIDEO OUT LINK IN BIO | #flippjngfeed | @camshorey77 |

FULL IN TRIFF COMBO TO 224 IN SIDES | #flippingfeed | @camshorey77 | landed full in triff first try as well 😂 | @char_that_shreds_gnar jakebic15 @joe.orourke

LANDED QUAD NUMBER 2 #quadback | 1st try too ;) | @camshorey77 | #flippingfeed | @michael.carni @char_that_shreds_gnar

Raw quad side landed from woodward a few weeks ago | who else is here for week 12? | #flippingfeed

TRIP FRONT X DUB BACK X TRIP FRONT NDB!! INSANE DAY WITH @skylargugenberger | #flippingfeed | again this is RIDICULOUSLY hard on my tramp 😂😂| @eugene.logvinski @skylargugenberger @tkehoe.pk @cassiemcgonagle @jakethay3r @ryanmalloy_ @johnc_flips @_tatomartin_ @camshorey77 @cambay14

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