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Derek Munroe  Beast Trampolines Athlete 🌀 @beast_trampoline_official Sc: derkyderkk 📲 TMHS ‘21 Co. Owner of DC flips ⬇️DC FLIPS YOUTUBE

MENTAL WOODWARD SESSION.. SOME OF MY BEST TRICKS EVER... | @mattgia @morehart @camshorey77 @gavinmayofficial @alioune.drame @drew_finnimore @lucasdimyan @coonaclood @marcorraimondi @james.ragusa @soloflow7 @bagels_payne @afriedman15 | #flippingfeed #quadbackflip #quadsideflip | got my revenge on quad side landed #ndb (everything is ndb in this video) | @kelly_graber

BEAST TRAMPOLINE!!! Got to test the circle and its amazing. A little tight at first so i took some springs off and now its great!!! Highly reccomend visiting @beast_trampoline_official if you are looking for a new trampoline!!! Also just did really easy stuff since it was almost 100° and im extremely tired from gtgames. WOODWARD NEXT WEEK | #flippingfeed | @kelly_graber |

ROUNDOFF DUB BACK MOCACCO FULL!!! Insane ground session at tempest with @cameron_eckberg @skylargugenberger @sebbe.wennmalm @jaxoncosina @_mateojohnson @andrew_flips7 | met so many more people last night | #innoutdoesnthavechicken #flippingfeed #losangeles #tempest | @camshorey77 @kelly_graber

Happy 6 months :)❤️❤️❤️ love you soo much @kelly_graber

Raw quad full landed!! GTGAMES TOMORROW CANNOT WAIT TO SEE EVERYBODY @gregroetrampoline @gtrampgames @skybound.trampolines | cant wait to rep @beast_trampoline_official and Massachussetts! | #flippingfeed | @kelly_graber @camshorey77 | sorry for no edits recently, i was seshing at ct meetup day but couldnt get the trick i was trying

QUAD BACK NDB!! | this was actually really easy (i didnt really put full effort into this) Landed soon with wet tramp and full power | @camshorey77 @kelly_graber | #flippingfeed

NO WAY THIS HAPPENED... | for @cambay14 | @kelly_graber @camshorey77 @mattgia @_patrickburns | @redbull | #flippingfeed | #1sttry | @worldwideflippers | insane video tomorrow too ;)

TRIP SIDE X TRIP BACK COMBO TO TRIP SIDE X DUB CODY!!! | this is not the extremely hard combo I’ve been trying for the past two weeks but because of this i have another idea that will one up this ;) | @kelly_graber @aimeetheresaaa @drew_finnimore | @camshorey77

I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I DID THIS... i tried this for 4 days straight and finally got it, easily the hardest combo i have done... | @kelly_graber | #flippingfeed | @will__burnett |

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