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Dr. Skeete  Creating A Legacy Dedicated To Making People More Intelligent, Fearless, & Independent.

Sometimes in our quest for excellence we tend to blame ourselves if we happen to fall short of our goals. At times we have to trust our gut instincts and believe that we’ve made the right decisions and allow the process to manifest itself in the way that it should... Millionaire mindset

Carve your path and never leave yourself vulnerable by giving the key to your happiness to someone else.... Millionaire mindset

It’s not all about the physical, but the mental. Seek edification of the mind over aesthetics of the body. “Sapiosexual...” Millionaire mindset

Know your worth and associate with those that do as well... Millionaire mindset

ELIMINATE negative people from your life... Millionaire mindset

You are what you feed your mind. Feed your mind negativity, and it will reciprocate accordingly. Choose wisely!!...Millionaire mindset

Be mindful that being successful does not occur in a vacuum. If you truly want it you must be committed to grinding... Millionaire mindset

People are always expecting a quick fix to their problems without wanting to make sacrifices. In most instances the quick fix to your problem is called SACRIFICE and COMMITMENT... Millionaire mindset

At the end of the day it starts with you and no one else. Take charge of what you have control over....Millionaire mindset

Don’t be deceived into thinking that sharing your problems with others mean that they care about helping you to solve them. Most only want to listen to your issues and gossip. Limit your conversations about you to only those that you believe have your interest at heart...Millionaire mindset

Be willing to put in the hard work and as long as you’re putting in the traffic me, the inevitable will hold true... Millionaire mindset

Be more proactive in pursuit of your goals and less do talking if you really want to achieve them.... Millionaire mindset

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