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;  ♡ -thєrє'ѕ nσthíng wrσng wíth cuttíng -lívєѕ ѕαvєd : 5 -hєrє tσ hєlp -cσmmєnt "αdd σnє mσrє" íf wє ѕαvєd чσu ♡


lord Jesus this is accurate. sorry I haven't posted in a while. I cut today wtf. I'm sorry.

lol rn my family is fighting and I'm really mad bc I hate everyone in this family.

m&t are friends now(: yay(:

if you think it's not a big deal, then fuck your self because people die from it.

society's fucked. it'll never happen..

mom here's a hint; stfu. and have a shitty day.

I still cry anytime I think if you.. that's why I hate thinking about you.. but when I do, I make sure to think of the best times..

I try to be happy... I honestly do.. but it just never really works out for me... 😔

I tried talking to him today... but he's already blocking me so what's the point... I want things to get better, but I don't know how that's possible if you hate everything about me.. honestly, I tried to forget about you, but it's just impossible. it really is. I feel bad for myself bc I can't let go of something that doesn't love me back. we had something special, but now it's gone. thanks for wasting me emotions. and my blades. -m

I've already gotten yelled at today.): fuck this family. eating dinner in my room.

happy twerky day❤️ so my family is coming over and I'm gonna be unsocial and hide in my room🙈

life story 😔 goodnightz.

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