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The DEN Meditation  Located in the heart of Los Angeles, our studio offers guided meditation classes for both beginners and veteran practitioners. Dwnld our app for info.

Reduce your stress and gain more happiness! In this 5 week course, Allen Weiss, co-chair of Mindful USC, will teach the core principles of Mindfulness that will help enhance your daily performance with improved emotional intelligence, motivation, and social skills. Learn the principles and foundations of Mindfulness. This series is good for beginners and current meditators alike.
⭐️Tuesdays 7pm - 8.15pm
⭐️5 weeks
⭐️August 15th-Sept 12th
⭐️Link in our bio for more info & to sign up! 🙏❤

Throwing it back to before the magical @aya_and_tyler #soundbath concert. ✨❤
Get through the mid-week blues with a guided meditation class at the DEN! We have classes at our La Brea and @modoyogala in Silverlake today. 🙏 Yoga Nidra at 7, Self Compassion at 8, Mindfulness at 8 @modoyogala and Meditation & Aromatherapy at 9. 🙏

You are your soul. 🙏❤ .
Join us tonight at @modoyogala for #CTFO with @_laurasia at 6:15 and at 7:30 at our La Brea location with @meditationchick 🙏 see you there! ✨
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This Sunday we will be in Santa Monica at the AWAKE pop up event by @thisisyourtribe (Shft)! Come for a day of self-care and renewal. There will be free workshops, yoga, meditation, life coaching, camaraderie, food trucks, music and bonding! Use the link in our bio for more information! See you there! 🌞🙏❤

"We wouldn't ask why a rose that grew from the concrete for having damaged petals, in turn, we would celebrate its tenacity, we would all love its will to reach the sun." -Tupac Shakur 🥀🙏 #mondaymotivation #findyourDEN

When you live in the present moment, you begin to realize that everything around you is a miracle. 🙏🌎 #mindfulness #sundaythoughts

TONIGHT at 8pm at the DEN! @aya_and_tyler soundbath concert! 🙏 The soundbath concert will fuse elements of music, meditation and movement in a guided multi-layered experience to energize your life force, relax your mind and massage every cell in your body. Link is in our bio to sign up, see you there! ❤

Today's #TeacherThoughtThursday is from Elizabeth Hamsher on meditating in busy/distracting places: "One can meditate anywhere; no matter how many distractions there are. The more consistent one is with meditating, the easier it is to tune distraction out; because
that’s the point after all right. Carry the peace within your soul temple. That is how one truly uses meditation to aid their existence. If you’re new to meditation, try meditating in silence. If there is too much distraction, then use some music. After some time, you should be able to rid the music and use silence. The more one meditates in silence, the easier it will become to take that silence with you everywhere." ❤🙏
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There's no wifi, but we promise you'll find a better connection. 🙏 📸: @kimmaroc
This Saturday at 3pm, join us for a social media detox workshop with Erika Adickman. In this workshop, Erika will help you pinpoint areas of your life negatively affected by social media. This is also about bringing mindfulness to your social media usage, to shift from an unconscious habit to conscious consumption. Go to to sign up! 🙏❤

Our natural instincts are always telling us to look to the future and remember the past. So much of our time is spent worrying about tomorrow, next week, or next year. When you begin to live in the present moment and take every second as it comes, the anxieties of what lies ahead begins to fade away. ✨🙏
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This Friday, July 14th at 8PM! @aya_and_tyler soundbath concert! 🙌🙏Embark on a sonic journey with musicians/meditation teachers @aya_and_tyler! This soundbath concert will fuse elements of music, meditation, and movement in a guided multi-layered experience to energize your life force, relax your mind, and massage every cell in your body. Access deep relaxation techniques for easing the nervous system, relieving insomnia and calming anxiety. In this workshop you will learn to be your own healer – leaving with a first aid kit for energy rebalancing in the city. Link is in our bio to sign up, see you there! 🙏#soundbath #healingsoundbath

Let your thoughts come and go. 🙏
Come #CTFO today @modoyogala in #Silverlake at 6:15pm with @_laurasia and 7:30pm at our #LaBrea location with @meditationchick! One of our DEN Signature classes, #CTFO helps you relax and maintain perspective. Just Chill The F#$% Out 🙌

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