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The DEN Meditation  Located in the heart of Los Angeles, our studio offers guided meditation classes for both beginners and veteran practitioners. Dwnld our app!📱


Help! Another Hurricane just tore through the islands and Puerto Rico is being pummeled. Communities are devastated and people need help. When we planned this event it was specifically for Hurricane Irma and Harvey and those affected, but this world needs us more than ever. PLEASE COME tonight and meditate with us. Class starts at 8:00pm $35 (ALL TICKET SALES go to @directrelief. Meditate for cause and let's join together. #HELP #DisasterRelief #Hurricane #EarthQuake #Meditateforacause #hurricaneharvey #hurricaneirma #hurricanemaria #mexico #sendhelp #donate #cometogether #goodcause #nature #motherearth

Please join us tomorrow night at 8:00pm while Mariah K Lyons and Jamie Wozny bring our community together to send positive vibes through a beautiful Mother Earth meditation to those who need it, as well as some monetary relief to help them begin what is sure to be long rebuilding process.
All proceeds of this class will go to @directrelief. 🙏🏽🌏 #community #relief #rebuild #theDENmeditation #motherearth #hirricaneharvey #hirricaneirma

Let go and create space for better things to enter your life! Join us for a week of sessions that will enlighten your senses and calm your mind! Start with tonight’s session, Candlelight Relax @ 8pm, Tuesday with Breaking the Norms @ 7:15pm . Wed, join us for our Fundraiser, “Meditating for Relief,” (all proceeds go to Direct Relief to help the victims of hurricane Harvey and Irma). Stay tuned for more info and please check our complete schedule online for all class listings! #theDENmeditation #events #quotes #inspiration #meditate #MantraMonday

“You have everything needed for the extravagant journey that is your life.” - Carlos Castañeda, Journey to Ixtlan 📷 India by Philippa Lodge #repost @majesticdisorder #travel #india #spiritual #meditation #wisdom #global #yogi #quotes #shamanism

Calling our DEN community! Feeling helpless seeing the destruction that these hurricanes have caused? Wondering what Mother Earth is trying to tell us? Please join us on Wednesday evening while Mariah K Lyons and Jamie Wozny bring our community together to send positive vibes through a beautiful Mother Earth meditation to those who need it, as well as some monetary relief to help them begin what is sure to be long rebuilding process.  Using grounding oils, stones and some Reiki, this meditation will cultivate self compassion for those affected by these Hurricanes as well as Mother Earth.  Ticket sales go directly to DriectRelief which is helping those who were left in the path of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Meditate for Relief
$35 (all ticket sales go to DirectRelief)
Led by Jamie Wozny & Mariah K Lyons. 🙏🏽 #relief #motherearth #nature #hurricaneharvey #hurricaneirma #cometogether

Here is a midday reminder to calm your mind, inhale and just breathe. 👌🏽📿 #theDENmeditation #zen #breathe #findyourDEN

Start your weekend this Friday bathing in the beautiful healing gong vibrations of a Pranayan Breath Soundbath, led by Ram Kirin @ramkirinbreathe. This session will elevate your clarity and bring about a deep sense of relaxation perfect for de-stressing after a long week. 🙏🏽🔊📿#Friday #meditation #destress #chakras #clarity #vibrations #breathe #healing

Don't miss the FREE talk this Thursday on our upcoming Bali retreat in October!! Ryan Weiss (featured) @wakingupwithryan will be leading the retreat and hosting this session tomorrow from 8:15pm- 9:15pm. Join the conversation with us tomorrow!! 🙏🏽 🌸Bali retreat led by Ryan Weiss, (Oct 14-Oct 21st). Click the link in profile for more information. #theDENmeditation #retreat #Bali #RyanWeiss

Sep 26th, join us for the special event, "Connections With The Self and Channeled Messages," with Sergio Ramos.
Sergio Ramos, one of the top spiritual figures in Spain, travels globally sharing the wisdom acquired from his guides and lives to assist others in understanding the truths between universal realms and how they manifest on earth in the human experience. We are all light beings manifested in bodies. We all have our own mastery and by healing our beliefs and psychological constructs, we can live our life’s purpose – the purpose that we created when we were universal beings. In doing so, we reach our essence.
This is easy to reach if we awaken the power of freedom and of infinite love that we all possess as souls. through his lectures, channelings and trainings, Sergio will share the keys and steps to developing a natural, simple and conscious connection with the Self.
Book this special event in advance online! #meditation #spiritual #theDENmeditation #channel #global #SergioRamos

Selflessness helps us act from our heart and soul, rather than our ego. Operating selflessly is contagious and can help facilitate more meaningful connections with others which feels great. We can apply acts of selflessness to our relationships, marriage or at work with colleagues. Today, we are reminded to act from our hearts selflessly. 🙏🏽📿 #mantramonday #theDENmeditation #selfless #enlighten #love

Learn the basics of Meditation this Tues with Benjamin Decker. This workshop focuses on the different styles of meditation: Mindfulness, Mantra, and Visualization. We dive into the fundamentals of posture, stillness and breath. This workshop is a first step for beginners of for more advanced students looking to fine tune techniques. -Please book in advance online. 📿🙏🏽 #learning #enlighten #meditation #theDENmeditation

There are so many beautiful connections all around us. Today, surround yourself in healing, comfort and love. Rose Quartz heals the heart penetrating the inner Chakras where emotional experiences are recorded and stored. Lets dissolve some of the sorrow, worries and fears and move forward today into new energy and welcome in the love! Today @ 11:30am we have a beautiful session on Self Compassion led by Jaimie Wozny @jamiewozny . The All-Night Sound Immersion led by Ram Kirin @ramkirinbreathe, begins tonight at 9:00pm. - Namaste 🙏🏽 Photo by @shopsankalpa see you tonight!! #theDENmeditation #meditate #healing #love #light

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