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Deni El' Abdel  ur favourite elf, alien, anime character and douchebag | i'm just trying to get through life, lol | sc: denjiel 👻 | germany📍| latest video 👇

i wanna have a positive impact on the lives of others when i leave this earth, you know? i think that would be a great goal to achieve in life

make a friend in the comments! 💫 been some time i've done it, so here we go. comment some of ur interests or hobbies and respond to the ones who are similar to urs. let's get ur internet best buddie 💪🏽

random person came up to me, decided to take a picture with him

so this is what i found in my tagged photos the other day. thank u @denilauko_art for transforming me into a dorito. life goals achieved

u might think that's me on the photo. but ur wrong. i'm actually the girl left to me, drinking my milkshake, not being bothered and living the life.
BTW omg i realized that we hit 500k which is so unbelievable. i wish i could give u something back because i truly don't feel like i even deserve it. y'all always so precious and kind hearted to me. i wish you all a beautiful day and hope that everything u wish for will be granted. and u bet that ur boi will keep u updated about my daily struggles xx

honestly i wished u would see the "behind the scene"- photos because we are literally on top of trashcans. me living among my peers 😇

went to the all u can eat chinese restaurant with frens even though i wasn't hungry at all but still managed to eat 7 plates and now i just feel like throwing up. but those chinese noodles were worth it #orangeskinsponsoredbytrump

honestly i get so much motivation when people try to pull me down and say that i can't do certain things. just wait and watch me doing it better than u have ever imagined.
so fam, don't u ever let anything get to u. show dem how it's really done ⚡️

the struggle when ur naturally sweaty and oily skin blinds all dem haters. don't need to buy urself highlighter, get ur own natural highlighter by doing some sit-ups and jogging #sweatlighter

caption this fam 👾

how did you all actually find me on instagram? It really interests me. so tell ur habibi

did i tell u that i binge watched game of thrones and that i'm super obsessed with it. find me khaleesi please, lol

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