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Deni El' Abdel  ur favourite elf, alien, anime character and douchebag | i'm just trying to get through life | sc: denjiel πŸ‘» | germanyπŸ“


the third eye (also known as the inner eye) refers to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness πŸ’« wait lemme try to find a better explanation: for example, when you have a hunch and act on it, you've used your third eye. so do you believe in the third eye and what are your opinions? πŸŒ™ #illuminaticonfirmed #omgitsajoke #copyandpaste

y'all think i'm positive af but little do u know how much i worry and overthink everything in my life but when i'm spreading positive messages i kinda feel obligated to believe them myself and i actually do, so it's kinda therapy for me lol

honestly, this world is filled with ungrateful people who take everything u do for granted. i mean you could have gave me a sandwich in third grade and i probably would have been grateful for that to this day lol. meanwhile u could give up ur life for some people and 2 weeks later they might have even forgotten ur name. this is probably one of the many reasons why it's so hard for me to find friends because i'm tired of giving and helping but not receiving any appreciation. this actually makes me even more appreciate the few people i can actually call my friends

i mean people actually use the word "doll" as an insult when they comment it under my pictures, but i take it as a compliment lol (and for the people asking why it's an insult, if people write "ew, u look like a doll" it's self explanatory)

when everything is falling apart in your life but it's fine because you're used to it

so who else is shook about BTS come back music video? πŸŒ™
and for everyone who was asking what kpop bands i'm listening to: mainly bts, bigbang and exo ⚑️

i'm so excited that i'm gonna visit egypt in the end of october. it's always been a dream of mine. and i was actually thinking about doing a meetup or something, so we could all hang and talk but i'm still not sure because would even someone come lol. in the end i'm the only one hanging out with myself.

had such a blast in berlin with @samislimani πŸ’« one of the kindest people i got to know and thankful for the people i got to know there 🌹 btw @fata.hasanovic took that bomb ass picture πŸŒ™

oh look, a wild deni has appeared in his natural habitat

you know your friends are real when they actin like your paparazzo's, lol. throwback to the time when i was on my first festival. hope i'm gonna see you performin next time @darrellcole and thank you @kellyfober for the picture πŸ’«

i'M sO oRigiNal aNd dEfiniTely thE fiRsT oNe to PoSt tHis #astaghfirullah

bruh, u better come back quickly @samislimani , don't leave me alone here, lmao. check him out and can y'all comment "ur doing amazing sweetie" πŸ’πŸ½ under his recent since he never saw that meme and i had to teach him some iconic moments in the meme industry

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