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Denjiel 🇩🇪  trying to inspire, one photo at a time 📍Germany 👻: denjiel lifestyle | travel | influencer

okay, how cool is @denis.fav.edits edit please. thank u for transforming this picture with my annoying ass brother ✨ and thanks to everyone for the daily edits i get, always making me smile ‘n shit 🤘🏽

honestly, thank you all so much. just realized that we reached 600k which i probably won’t never really understand. so y’all better be prepared, i’m about to post even more now and annoy the hell outta you ✨
and thank u again, it means more than u actually know. just the fact that i can connect to so many goodhearted, badass people like you is amazing. so have a great day, spent it with your loved ones or just jump into ur bed and do a netflix show marathon which i’m probably about to start right now 😌 #glowcalledsweat

i was totally not freezing i mean look at my hands for proof ❄️ #ahoenevergetscold

instagram tip 101: if u don’t have no more clothes to wear for photos just steal some from ur friends AND how are we supposed to wait for season 3 of stranger things 😭❄️

i don’t even know how i’m not already blind since all i do is looking at the bright ass sun to get some instagram pictures #helpthislostboy

y’all better comment some bomb ass shows/movies for me to watch on netflix. it’s gonna be pretty tough for u though since i pretty much watched everything already 😌
btw i love shows like sense 8, american horror story, black mirror, 3%, penny dreadful, the OA, how to get away with murder, stranger things and list goes on...

hey loves, organized a little giveaway for you guys since it’s christmas time ✨🎄
if you wanna win that bomb ass backpack you just have to follow these easy steps:
1. you have to follow me and @christianlaurier
2. and tag three friends
AND then you automatically gonna be participating on the giveaway which will last exactly one week (till the 11th december). the winner is gonna be chosen randomly by @christianlaurier and me 😺
btw it’s open worldwide 🌍
wish you all much luck and have an amazing day! xx

friend: “omg look! there is ur crush, just act natural! “

y’all probably think i’m traveling but little do u know that all those pictures are throwbacks and that this boy is broke again lol #keepingupwithdeni #instagramsecrets

we look unbothered but it was actually such a torture to stand like this since we were leaning on this window sill thingy and my legs were about to break #whatwedowhenweseegoodlighting #firstworldproblems

actually met some of u guys here in amsterdam and u were so cute and promise next time i'm gonna do a meetup so we hang around ✨

lemme introduce to u one of my closest friend, that one friend i shared my shitty school time with. literally that one person i was with all the time in the breaks because i didn't really had anyone. that one friend who was with me when my father died and that one friend that i can always count on. and yes rabea, u probably didn't expect that sentimental caption but here we go since we almost died today lol || btw thank u so much @viv.may for those henna freckles, more stuff coming soon ✨

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