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Deni El' Abdel  ur favourite elf, alien, anime character and douchebag | i'm just trying to get through life, lol | sc: denjiel 👻 | germany📍| latest video 👇


i'm gonna get some henna tattoos tomorrow and need some inspiration. so could u slide into my dms and sent me some inspirational photos, thank u guys xx. have a great day btw 🌹

just keep one thing in mind: almost everything you see on social media produced and not randomly taken, lol. btw u can get that prisma on amazon for 7$ and make ur own rainbow

it's been some time i said it, so here we go: thank you all so much. thank u for keeping up with all the shit i'm going through, thank you for giving me support and for just simply being there. i mean, i'm no one really, so i never felt like i deserve any of the kindness i'm getting here. i really do hope that u all achieve anything u want in life, and i don't wanna be a drama queen right lmao but it's just what i mean. i believe in a future which consists of respect, tolerance and love and y'all keep this idea alive. bless you all xx. and to everyone who hopes me getting tired of instagram: y'all see @baddiewinkle ? even as a grandpa you gonna see my annoying ass flexing on da gram

pretty sad when the ages are mentally switched and he acts like a 20 year old and i handle life like a 15 year old teenager lol

y'all know i suffer from insomnia so for everyone who has the same struggles, i wrote you 4 tips down that may help you.
1. take a hot bath before you go to bed - the rapid cool-down period immediately afterward relaxes you
2. shut down electronics because lit screens are stimulating
3. wear socks to bed (especially if cold feet are keeping u awake) - this extra layer under the covers can help improve circulation which can help you fall asleep more quickly
4. limit evening food and drinks - a large meal too close to bedtime can leave ur system working overtime.
if anyone has some advice they can add, i would be grateful. || credit goes my friend @astroceres your edits are sick ⚡️AND i see people asking if this is my eye, no it's not 🌹

don't mind me, i'm just creeping here and stalking your photos

why does this describe my life so accurately

make a friend in the comments! been a while i've done it, so write down ur interests and hobbies and if u find someone with similar interests, comment back and become internet best friends🌹

holding hands with my ex-girlfriend be like

y'all better get rid of negative people and fake friends. ain't nobody got the nerve for that. i rather be alone than with somebody who doesn't genuinely wants the best for me. so leggo guys, CUT DEM OFF

after all those years i managed to get eyebrows, i am so proud of myself #puberty #eyebrow #glowup

i'm so mad. did u hear that netflix cancelled sense 8?! i mean this show is masterpiece, HOW COULD THEY. and the end of season 2 is such a cliffhanger. this whole cancellation better be a joke or i'm gonna cry myself to sleep for the next months

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