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Denise Stahl Shealy 

in search of shrimp


dream rug found by @jeanpalmerhome now living at the end of my bed


most days I still can’t believe we own this thing. or that it exists at all
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#mylittleunicorn #glamourshot #drivingthedude


okay New York, we get it #newyorkcity


give me all of the days that look like this

I made Adam stand for this photo, in the freezing cold, without a jacket, after going the opposite direction on our way out of town, before we left Charleston on January 1st
and in my forcing him and his initial reluctance, I realized something about us
he doesn’t put himself on display
he is fully tuned in, but waits for when to speak
he is loyal
he is considerate and generous
he sees the good in people
he holds things close
in the simplest and most complex of ways, we have nothing in common, and are the perfect balance each other needs. I realized the most beautiful thing about this man is that I get the gift of seeing him like no one else does. I saw his fear and his worry as we found our way through something you only think maybe one day you’ll experience, certainly not at age 30. right when you finally start feeling like the life you planned is happening and you’re content and things are going as good as they have. life’s funny that way
it’s the most cliché thing and the most true. don’t wait to do what you really want to. changes come, and sometimes they come in an instant. he had exams, blood draws, scans, surgery, and a diagnosis. it all happened in a month
but here he is, on the other side of alla that
and damn I love that look
oh yeah, and #fuckcancer

Taco Boy with mah boy 🌮🧔🏻

alla my all

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