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Denise Stahl Shealy 

made it to 34 weeks. stay in there, little babe.

feeling your arrival nearing, little one.

hard to believe 10 weeks ago we were in the woods in Oregon, and that in 10 weeks you’ll be home with us. pregnancy time, you are a strange, strange thing.

getting (more) ready for ya, babe.

over here at 30 weeks, in awe of women and what our bodies are capable of. there have definitely been times I haven’t loved, but I’m trying to slow it down and remember it all. because while I cannot wait to meet this babe and see him on the outside, I can already feel that one day I’ll miss how it was when he was on the inside.

feeling so loved. so many thanks to my friends @meredithgarnerh @jessicarourke @izzabees @lydiarobinshendrix @sammyrainnnn @saswinsel @louisahvann for showering me and baby boy today in the most perfect of ways. not pictured: an ivy covered ceiling and a rug covered floor. not sure how I got so lucky.

this was me at 22 weeks, when I flew across the country alone, in a hurricane, to walk into a house of strangers. thank you @rachelcast + @1011makeup for #intothewoodlandsretreat and thank you to the strong women + mothers I was fortunate enough to connect with there. your beauty and resiliency continues to guide me on this journey to motherhood. and I am so touched to know the love you already have for this little babe in my belly.

bison and salt flats at #antelopeisland

stuck in New York again, but at least we found this plant-filled corner to take some deep breaths in.

overalls bump might be my favorite bump

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