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🇨🇦Denis Shapovalov❤️  🔆ATP Tennis Player🎾 🔆@denis.shapovalov 🔆2016 Wimbledon Jr🏆 🔆Canada🇨🇦 🔆Career High:23 🔆Current Rank:2️⃣8️⃣ 🔆Next:@daviscuptennis 🔆#dontstopfighting

*to be continued in 2019*
🎈Next up: St Petersburg Open, Russia 🇷🇺, ATP 250 tournament⚙️, where Denis will play 🇪🇸A Menendez-Maceiras, a qualifier in the first round (of 32), 7️⃣as the 7th seed🎗, on Wednesday: to be confirmed of time exactly. 📆He will also be playing doubles (tomorrow) 🎾with Andrey Rublev 🇷🇺in the evening on centre court at approximately 17:50pm against the 🇮🇹Italians Berrettini and Fognini! Good luck to this NextGen 👯‍♂️team! See one of my 🔙previous posts for details of the next few tournaments!🏆

🌐Teamwork makes the dream work:🌐 🇨🇦🇨🇦and this Davis Cup has been so very memorable- Denis pulling through on another 5 setter, his first two previously at this years US Open, so the third 5 set match ever. (See previous posts for more details). Despite the loss in four sets for Daniel Nestor, this was amazing to have him play his last in his home country, so was also a loss of such a great player and contributed to team canada tennis. Above in the picture shows Félix and Denis, and through this win over the Netherlands, they have openly and clearly shown their teamwork, friendship, support and faith in one another. It was so touching to see the whole team working together and being present in every way for Daniel’s goodbye. We wish him all the best for what is to come, and wish the rest of team canada good luck as a team and as individuals represent their country in the future. ♥️♥️

Denis prevailed over Haase in 3 hrs 35 mins, 36 36 75 63 64; a real fight to come from two sets down. 11 aces and 7 double faults, an improvement from his US Open run, and mostly the statistics varied Denis, apart from the 81 unforced errors to Haase’s 42. Denis’ second serve fastest and average were greater than his opponent’s : 129mph and 103 mph respectively, with a fastest first serve of 134 mph, to Haase’s 132. Denis has more backhand and forehand winners but less winners at the net (44% to Haase’s 50%). Overall a brilliant, strong performance, giving the 2:0 to Canada 🇨🇦! 🎉🎉

🍀It’s never over🍀
This is a sport that you can start at an early age and end late, and in between, there is no end to anything. Everything on court and in practice in always ongoing. Despite the injuries and misfortune, losing matches one after another after another, tennis will always be waiting for the players to pick themselves up and CONTINUE. To move on with knowledge of improvement to take with them, to wait for them to go out onto the court and find themselves again. They lose a match, but they just put it behind them, and get up a bit later and go out again. And they might be knocked out again, in a first round, in a qualifying round. But again and again they will dust themselves off again, pick the racket up again, and walk proudly onto court again. So yes they may have lost the match, and yes that match and therefore the tournament is over then, but it’s NOT over. “It’s never over until it’s over in tennis”. A match ending still has the next practice, next tournament, next match, next day to come and all the emotion and work and motivation continues into the next day or match. It’s never really over.

🌀Confidence on court is key. 🌀
Denis shows it all the time; he’s pumped and ready to go point after point after point, as I’m sure all players do. Denis may, at times, be not so confident off court but that’s part of his personality. It’s the confidence in court which motivates him, makes him want to progress and do more.

It’s amazing what this sports can bring to the players, and it’s great to hear that they live what they do; it’s their passion, and, as a result, we see what they give back to the sport because of all this. And yes, every tournament, every week, even every match makes memories.

🔹9 Days until Davis Cup🔹
So excited- only 9 days until the Davis Cup tie against the Netherlands, and I think the team is strong; recently in the US Open, Milos made it to the 4th round, Denis to the third round and Vasek to the second round: all on form. Daniel Nestor has been playing many doubles matches, less successful but it’s an absolute pleasure and honour to have him still on the team! The whole of Canada will be supporting these guys, particularly in their home country 🇨🇦! Good luck, we know it’s well within your limits @denis.shapovalov @mraonic @vasek.pospisil @danielnestor1

🌀Davis Cup Article🌀
It's incredible,” Shapovalov said of the upcoming tie. “I've always dreamed of playing Davis Cup at home in Toronto. It's right there in my home city. “It's going to be something unique. I know there’s going to be a lot of people coming out for it. Hopefully we can stack up a good team. All of us are healthy and playing. It's going to be a lot of fun.” Shapovalov, who counts NHL side the Toronto Maple Leafs and NBA team the Toronto Raptors, amongst his favourite sports teams, is looking forward to the challenge of taking on the Dutch in a bid to secure Canada’s World Group status for 2019. “[Netherlands] are tough,” he said. “They have some tough players, but I think if we have our full team we definitely have a shot of winning it. Of course with the home court advantage, playing in Toronto, it's going to be pretty loud and pretty exciting.” Shapovalov came up against Netherlands’ leading man, Robin Haase, on tour earlier this year, battling to a three-set victory in Rome. As a result, he knows what to expect should they meet in September. “He's a really good player,” said Shapovalov. “He's really solid off the baseline, has got a really good first serve. I remember he would never give me any points off doubles or anything like that. “He's really solid. He doesn't give you an inch. It's going to be a tough match. I think if I play well, if I play aggressive against him, I'll definitely have a chance there. “Like I said, playing at home, it's always a huge advantage with the home crowd.” Both nations will be looking to bounce back from previous defeats in the tie, having each suffered 3-1 first round losses on away soil - Canada going down to Croatia and Netherlands losing to reigning champions France – in February.

Netherlands won their last contest, prevailing 4-1 in a World Group first round tie on home soil in Maastricht in 2004, but Canada won the previous two bouts in 1969 and 1990.

🔸14-16 Sep Davis Cup, Toronto(as above)
🔸17-23 Sep St Petersburg, 🇷🇺Russia 🕐250
🔸24-30 Sep Shenzhen, 🇨🇳China 🕐250
🔸01-07 Oct Rakuten, 🇯🇵Japan ⚙️500
🔸07-14 Oct, Shanghai, 🇨🇳 China 🔔1000

🏵In the end, the most important part was that Denis proved that he CAN play against the top players; he can play at their level and can go the distance of 5 sets, his second 5 setter ever, subsequent to his first the previous match- he can get up again and play against their experience in the slams.
There is no doubt about his talent and hard work, and even though it is said that he still has time, from a performance like yesterday’s, he has proved that he’s making use of the time he has made for himself already.
His will and desire to play, and his love of being on the court makes him strong, mentally, and this motivates him to work hard in both practice, training and tournaments, and therefore become strong physically.
And all of this effort and spirit is what gets him all these fans, all these supporters, who admire what he does, at such a young age, at what incredible achievements he has. And we couldn’t be prouder.🏵

This match. Shapo won 64 46 57 76(2) 64. Looking at the overall match stats, this was probably one of the closest matches for Denis, as it proves also as it was his first 5 setter. 💠stats💠 Shapo to Seppi: 1st serve points won, 76% to 72%, 1st serve success 60% to 56%, 2nd serve points won, 51% to 51%, service games won 82% to 82%, service points won 66% to 63%, receiving points won, 37% to 34%. Break points saved, 15 to 13, points won, 182 to 173, points won in a row, 7 to 7, break points won, 5 to 5, games won 28 to 27, max games in a row, 3 to 3. Where Denis really shone was his serve. As a 19 year old with such a big serve, he’s pretty dangerous! 18 aces with a high speed of 137mph, although 12 double faults. This marathon match is such an accomplishment, lasting nearly 4 hours (3:47:55), where the motto #dontstopfighting really come in
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Very emotional to watch Félix retire at one set all (75 57) and at 41 to Denis is set 3. Statistics around aces and double faults were similar (high amount of double faults) but Denis only had the upper hand on first serve % win of 72% to Félix’s 54%. For first serve, Félix had 70% and 73% for win on second serve, over Denis’ 57% and 45% respectively. The rest of statistics were very close. It was such a shame that these two had to face eachother in round 1, and this was Felix’s first Grand Slam main draw appearance. Shapo is the youngest in the top 100, Félix is the youngest in the top 200. 💠It was said that during medical attention at the a change over in the third set, Félix said that his heart was racing, and from then looked ‘out of sorts’. 💠
I feel as if the third set score reflected this after the close two previous sets. Get well soon @felixaliassime , @denis.shapovalov your respect for him is so special. Xx

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