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Denise Salazar  UofT survivor. Megane bishoujo in training. 🍳🌸

^The face I make when someone shares the tea. 🧐 #nisein日本

To see our Sunday Shenanigans... —> #nisedoesnicecovers #specialguest #nisein日本 🗼

The hiiiiills are alive with the sound of Ghibli. #nisein日本

I’m still, I’m still, jii-chan on the block. 👴🏻🛵 #nisein日本

Back from the land of Totoro and friends (waah). More photos to come. Until next time! #peepthat5yoforcedsmile #nisein日本

Day 10: Rode a gondola in a mini Venetian setting and enjoyed other beautiful ports. I will never not be impressed with Disney sets omg. #nisein日本

Day 9: Tokyo Skytree! Apparently it’s taller than the CN Tower by 100 m. 😮 #nisein日本

Day 8: Saw Earth’s greatest defender 😱 #nisein日本

Day 7: Took a day trip to Osaka to visit my good boy. 🥚🍳 #nisein日本

Day 6: All of the hikes I’ve trekked the past few years trained me for this! ⛩👘 #nisein日本

Japanese inventions are so clever. My favourite so far are toilets with flushing mechanisms that automatically turn on the sink faucet above it, but these reversible subway seats are just as cool (four-seat pod vs. two-seat pod). #nisein日本

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