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Denise Kendall  iPhone5c and the good fortune of living in the beautiful and ever fascinating San Francisco Bay Area

i first met him around his 16th birthday and today is another birthday - no, it doesn't seem like "only yesterday" that we met - nor does the fact that 43 years has since elapsed sit easily in my brain - all I know for sure is my heart still skips a beat for him - the funny, brainy, athletic kid whose sweet, loving, wise-beyond-his-years attention i fell for and whose marriage proposal i accepted is having another birthday and i'm very excited and grateful to celebrate with him ❀❀#tommylove #muchlatergram #wemightlookalittleolderthanthisphoto

two days ago i despaired of ever wearing anything except button down and zippered clothing - this is week nine since I fell horseback riding and broke my upper arm - week two since i started "passive" pt - today i wormed into a favorite, roomy tshirt for the first time and without too much pain - going to the ball game tonight - hoping this personal achievement brings some much-needed luck to my san francisco giants - appreciating every help and encouragement in this recovery πŸ’ͺ🏼⚾️ #equestrian #ridererror #armfracture #ouch #physicaltherapy #baseballfan #sfgiants #gogiants #wearesf

my beloved nephew took the plunge with this lovely young woman today ❀️❀️//congratulations ryan + mara!! 🌹🌹#twuwuv #family #joy

he took me for a local beach trail/dinner date πŸ™‚#pacifica #beach #trail #tommylove

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