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Denise Deanna  Mrs Prawn Mee of Deanna's Kitchen -100% Muslim owned🍤 Corporate Slave by day, Prawn mee cook on the sly. Sharing our prawny & ordinary tales with you.

Really thankful that @havehalalwilltravel wrote this. Thank you for helping us inform the public about our new outlet. Really blessed to have your support on this! Alhamdulilah.
Hubs has been really busy since the Toggle Video came out with so many calls if we are open. That’s why we are so grateful when this article came out to help us create awareness.
Terribly sorry if you had turned up at our TPY outlet and found it closed.

Day 6- Iftar
I need to have porridge and I have lobsters in the fridge. So urmmmm yeah, the next natural thing is to cook seafood porridge. Very blessed to receive some samples from a supplier today for testing. Can I have free samples every day? 😂
So it’s porridge cooked with Bostons, prawns, clams, fish and scallops.

I can’t believe we missed this! Did we? I assumed this was showed last week. Or is it for tomorrow?! Anybody knows?
But thank you for showing us on the national tv. Another milestone for us, another achievement. Alhamdulilah.

Just received this and it looks ultra amazing!
Thanks @one2capture for making my prawn mee looks so sedap! Spot any new combi which will be going to the menu?

Day 4- iftar.
Homemade laksa. I finally managed to get my hands on fresh cockle meat. I don’t know about you, but my laksa needs to have cockles. Many many many cockles. Laksa without it is like curry mee. I’m sorry!
Ok, I am very reluctantly going to share with you my source. I made her promise me that if I ever want, she will give it to me on priority. Yeah. Fresh cockles meat from @dfishmarket ! My trusty seafood supplier! Ok babe, u really have to give me commission already.
Anyway back to this awesomeness for Iftar. Nonya laksa with cockles, prawns, fish cake, Tau Pok and sliced cucumber.

#blessed to have an endless supply of homemade fried shallots. It makes anything and everything instantly goes vavavoom!
Having vegetables and bakso noodles for sahur today.

“It feels like I just closed my eye for a moment, and then here are you are all grown up already. Time flies by so quickly, and I just want time to slow down a bit. I love you son, and I always will.”

Hubs: we are going for Iftar at Mak’s on Saturday. Pot luck.
Me: cook what?!?!? So he said to go grab the remaining stuff from the shop’s fridge, order some more fresh stuff from @dfishmarket and here it is, my tomato chilli shell out!
Hope everyone will enjoy it later! It is 2 huge trays filled with Boston lobsters, crayfish, prawns, clams and mussels.

Ramadan Day 3 - Sahur
We had ours at @theramenstall today after catching #deadpool2
Now our stomachs are on fire! We had the volcano ramen level 3!
Am happy to be able to go out with hubs on a very rare Friday date night. It has been a year omg! We always had to go to the stall on Saturday and we didn’t have a chance to go out on Fridays.. gonna enjoy these 2 weeks of rest before the craziness starts again!

Ramadan Day 2 - Iftar
Black pepper sotong, prawn paste wings and a little bit of fried fish, luffa with vermicelli and fried gyoza.

I woke up at 130am as my stomach was growling with hunger. So I decided to wake up and have my big breakfast now. It’s spinach noodles soup with seafood. Super love the red grouper & big prawns from @dfishmarket.
Woke up and saw like 100 DMs asking for the guide. Wow! I tried to reply to all already. I got it from my teacher at Darul Arqam. If u need a hard copy because the photo wasn’t very clear or if you need to put it on the prayer mat like I do, let me know, I will be glad to post it to you.

Phew! We made it home in time! It’s always a tradition for me to cook the first Iftar at home. So here we go: tomato prawns, braised wings, assam ikan pari and beansprouts with carrots.

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