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Denise Deanna  Mrs Prawn Mee of Deanna's Kitchen -100% Muslim owned🍤 Corporate Slave by day, Prawn mee cook on the sly. Sharing our prawny & ordinary tales with you.

Alhamdulilah. Our dry version is launched today!

Thanks for trusting us to cater for your Hari Raya open house. One down today, one more to go later!

Dinner is served! Having handmade beetroot noodles with my trusty beef vegetables soup. I need this so much after eating excessively in Bangkok!
Got this beetroot noodles from Giant Turfcity. I’m sorry, I don’t frequent any supermarkets enough to know if they are available everywhere. I went to this particular Giant because there was a horrific traffic jam earlier so I stopped over at Turf City for some free parking supermarket shopping.
Beef vegetables soup made with beef brisket, beef shin, carrots, potatoes, butternut pumpkin, red onion, garlic, spring onion and parsley.

Our Prawn Mee Dry will be launched tomorrow!
As this is our first try on offering dry version, do give us some feedback if you have any suggestions on how to improve okie?
It’s quite difficult for me especially that it has been over 8 years since I last tried a Chinese prawn mee dry version. Am doing my very best to recreate that taste.
Forgive us if it is lacking in any way and we hope to have your support on our new item!

Miss us?
Open tomorrow 23/06 : 12-9pm!
Sunday 24/06 : 12-9pm
Our operating hours for the JE outlet will be as follows:
Close on Mondays
Tuesdays to Saturdays 12 to 9pm
Sundays 11am to 3pm
We have several Sunday catering orders to fulfill this month and we may revise our hours again in August. Stay tune!

Last lunch in BKK before we head home tonight! The food was nice albeit a little pricy. Loved the fish.
We chanced upon this little halal restaurant by God’s Grace because we got lost. I exclaimed alhamdulilah when I saw this place. Blessed to be able to enjoy lunch with both my boys!

❤️ is when at 2am, I said I’m hungry and hubs went down to the 7-11 to buy instant noodles for me. Not only did he buy me noodles, he got me chicken sausage and an onsen egg to go with the noodles.
Thanks dear! ❤️ you!

Best dinner so far in Bangkok! And the best halal ‘mookata’ I had, yes, even better than the SG ones. It’s time someone stepped up and offer halal premium beef cuts for such bbq. It’s really so awesome. Will come back to Bangkok again just for this. The beef is soooooooooo sedaplicious! Look at the photos of the beef! I am so impressed and why oh why SG is not selling this?!?

I received close to 100 DMs after I posted my instastory late last night. All the DMs mentioned that they have felt the same way or have been asked the same question or have witness how one of their friends/relatives/ colleagues were asked the same questions like I was asked.
If you have missed the instastory, in summary, it was how there are people in this country who associates Muslims to be Malay only. There is no Chinese Muslim, no Indian Muslim in their dictionary.
I have been questioned countless times by working professionals why can I celebrate both CNY and Hari Raya? In reality, they are not mutually exclusive and I am saddened that at this day and age, people still think that you can only be a Chinese and not a Muslim. Or you can be a Muslim but not a Chinese. Seriously?
Let me put on record here and hoping to educate people is that race and religion are 2 different things. Pls do not for a moment think that because I married a Malay, become a Muslim, I have lost my right to say I am a Chinese. I am and still will be a Chinese regardless what is my faith.
It is pathetic that after a basic 10 years of education in SG where you go through moral education, social studies and celebrated 10 years of racial harmony in school, the basic knowledge of race does not equate to religion is still prevalent.
And I am referring to working adults who have been in the singaporean working society for many years who still think that ‘muslim’ is a race and those who wear tudungs automatically becomes a Malay.
I get mad still thinking about it because I honestly thought I am the one facing such questions and I assumed that the people who asked me have lack of basic knowledge. But it astounded me when I received so many messages from all of you sharing your similar experiences.
Something has to be done and i hope this starts from education of our young.

So off we go bringing the world’s best bibik along! Many of you asked me how I did it, having a full time job, helping hubs with his stall, being a Mother and a Wife. I couldn’t manage if not for an awesome support unit that involves my mum and this amazing woman who left her 2 kids behind to look after mine. She kept my house clean and made sure the 2 furry additions to the clan are well fed and fat.
I am so incredibly lucky to have her and she is really problem free. Most importantly, she is really so nice and patient with the spoilt kid that I call my own.
So this trip is really meant for her as well. After working so hard for a year with us, she really deserves this short holiday too!
Btw, she is really in awe with the plane now and is fiddling with the Kris World. Have never seen a grown up so excited about our normal trip to BKK. So glad that I can make her happy!

Happy Father’s Day to the most awesome Daddy! I honestly don’t know what to get you and I asked myself what do you need the most. The eureka moment is when your favourite Thai Milk tea - your must have every morning - which we buy back by the cartons from our trip last year is left with 2 packs. I then knew that our annual trip to our second home is really quite overdue.
So I hope you will enjoy yourself, have all the massages in the world up to 3 times a day, consume all the Thai basil chicken you can find and drink all the Thai milk tea until you laosai.
Thanks for being such a hands on daddy and possibly making me the laziest mummy on earth because u do everything for us.
Hope you will enjoy the family holiday and do be prepared to carry all my shopping bags and also carry your precious 28kg son when he is tired. See, you are the best. ❤️❤️

When we come back from visiting and were super hungry, I whipped up 4 bowls of instant noodles with varying degrees of spiciness.
Been so long since I ate instant mee! And I haven’t even pack our luggage!! Oh no!

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