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Denise Deanna  Mrs Prawn Mee of Deanna's Kitchen -100% Muslim owned🍤 Each bowl of prawn noodles is cooked with love. Sharing our prawny & ordinary tales with you.

We are open today! Get your prawn mee fix settled at either of our outlets. We are closed on Mondays!
Toa Payoh: 9-3pm
Jurong East: 10-2pm

Thank you for engaging us for your church solemnisation. This is our first wedding livestation and we certainly hope it will not be our last! It was truly an experience to set up from scratch and to be able to serve so many guests. If there is any shortcoming, we sincerely apologise and we thank you for your immense patience and understanding.
We are so thankful that the guests loved it and many came and check how much our catering is. Alhamdulilah.

Thank you for the roses! These totally took me by surprise. I had a regular who came by this evening for dinner with her son... she ordered the clams and prawns mee and while we were cooking her order, she asked if we had dry version. I told her yeah we do.. since Jurong opened, it is an off menu item in TPY. I offered to give her a bowl of dry mee to try and refused to charge her for it. Her son loved the dry noodles and I was presented with 3 roses. Wow. This is a first.
Thank you so much. This really made by day. I had a super trying day with me being sick and forcing myself to be at the stall was really taking a toll on me. I took off early from the stall today to get some rest and ended up waking with a fever. 😢

Am gonna rest soon as I really need to be in tip top condition for our first wedding livestation tomorrow! And guess what?! This is not a Malay wedding! Like so many of you who guessed, you guys thought I will be at a Malay wedding tomorrow! 😂😂😂 I’m so stoked to actually be having our livestation at a church tmr. U have no idea how proud I am of my food. My food that is able to transcend across religions and race.. which previously is only restricted to non-muslims.. to have a Chinese couple engaged us for their wedding really speaks volume of my authentic halal Chinese prawn mee... this is really one of my proudest achievement till date.

Because it is Deanna’s birthday month! We are running a November promotion all month long! Quote the promo code to enjoy and this is valid only for dine in and takeaways at both outlets.

Thank you!

Hope U had a great holiday yesterday! We are back to normal operating hours rest of the week!
Jurong East:
Wed to Sat: 12-9pm
Sun: 10-2pm
Toa Payoh:
Wed to Fri: 10-2pm; 5-8pm
Sat & Sun: 9-3pm

Hugging and kissing him when he still permits. Time flies and he is off to primary school next year. I don’t think he will let me hug him anymore in public when he goes to school.
Cherishing the moments we have together.

The last time we were here, you were too young for most rides! 4 years down the road, let’s conquer Legoland again tomorrow bubs!

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be part of today’s event. This is really our first outdoor event and we learnt so much from it. I’m so sorry for our shortcomings like forgetting to give soup to Kak @juliebakes order! But it was really my nieces first time joining us and it was a good way to prep them for upcoming mega events that we are partaking. Thank you all so much for your kind understanding and I seek your forgiveness for any errors!
I’m especially grateful that we have been given opportunities like this to give back to society. Hope to be part of such events again in the future! :)


You know the recent news about the social enterprise hawker centres? It got me mad. Mad because I firmly think it goes against the spirit of being a hawker. How dare you set rules on the duration of our opening hours and also how many days we can close in a month? Why should we submit an application if we wanna go on a holiday. Isn’t being a hawker means being our own boss? As it is, the hawker trade is a job no one wants to be in unless you have the passion and tenacity to survive in this harsh environment. With this kind of crazy rules and exorbitant pricing, no wonder no one wants to be there.
As I am writing this, my neighbour beside me is on 2 weeks holiday. No questions asked, no application needed. We pay rent and when we close, we still pay the table cleaning fees and the town council. Where got so good to have pro rate? Why should we let some management dictate how long we should work?
When we signed the contract at Jurong, we specially told the Operators to remove the clause of our stipulated opening times and minimum operating hours. Our stance is clear: family first, business second.
Anyway, my point is, if you want the hawker trade to flourish and gain new blood from the younger generation, pls remove all the barriers of entry. Make it as pain free as possible and all the additional charges? Make it optional rather than compulsory. You never know, I may like washing my own bowls instead of spending $700 to outsource to a dish washing company. I may like to change my own coins with my followers or family rather than pay an admin fee for coin exchange.

This photo makes me happy. Coz we managed to run the show without hubs today. I am so grateful that everyone did their best to rise up to the occasion of their big boss being sick and they stepped up their game to help out in every possible way. I left the TPY stall manned by my 2 Kaks and flew to Jurong to make the soup in time for shop opening. I asked my SIL to come and help out for dinner so that I can come back to TPY to handle the evening’s catering and deliveries.
I was so pleasantly surprised that the catering was already completed by my Kak before my arrival. Thank God for competent workers.
I do apologise in advance for any shortcomings and I thank you for all your patience and understanding, especially when I made a mistake.

Thank you all for your support of our delivery services that is officially launched today. We did deliveries to two MRT stations, a school and a few homes and offices today. If there’s any errors or delays, thanks for your understanding and we seek your kind forgiveness.
Thank you!!

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