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Kwaku Ofori Fratelli 🇮🇹🇬🇭🇺🇸  📍LA 🚀 @weabetx ✒️Written for (@coiskimedia @finishline) I write and tell stories

Don’t miss out on the dope video that covers some of the highly coveted classic silhouettes. WATCH THE REST ON @weabetx IGTV.
Creative Direction & VO by me
Video editing by @bibbydc @eyenspire

Had the pleasure of having a quick convo with one of my favorite artists. Her work is dreams and experiences on canvases. I told her to remember me cause the next time I see her I would purchase a bigger piece. By the way her collab with @puma is 🔥🔥 #wildflowers #suetsai

Good chopping it up with @terence301 DMV everywhere. Shirt by @winterclothingco_

Stepping into the world of @suetsai

Tinker just being Tinker at SXSW. I watched the 1hr interview to get gems and hear about what he’s been cooking. He flexed on the audience with the unreleased Nike React model in which I found super dope. I wouldn’t be surprised to see @nike start a React family as they did with the Air Max. What are your thoughts? #sneakercommunity


For the motherland 🇬🇭

Happy Independence Day Ghana 🇬🇭. We were able to create a video of appreciation by combining footage.
Script & VO: me
Edited by: @bibbydc (wifey). #62
As you watch this video I want to inform you that these images aren’t all current representation or the state of Ghana. Looking online for footage to package this piece we realized that Ghana lacks representation along with its beautiful people on the web. Ghana is a rich and developed West African country on the rise of greater things. This video is to inspire and spark curiosity for others to go and experience the land themselves.
We do not own this footage #Ghana #ghana62ndindependenceday @pulseghana @ghanaposts #pulseghana #ghanaposts #jollofrice #africa #indepenceday #accra #jamestown #kumasi #travel #motherland #ghanafuo #kente #tradition

Big ups to the @yellowbrick.sneakers and @complex for the opportunity to share my experience as a Sneaker School student. This is only the beginning though, if you have any questions about the program hit @yellowbrick.sneakers DM’s or the link in their bio and tell them I sent you haha. You can also hit my DM as well and share more of my experience. Let’s keep it going. Passion + Education = Purpose 🚀

• With all that’s falling you’re still alive • This is a piece dedicated towards the state of mental health and the process of emotions.
Creative director: @kvvadwo
Model: @ekowzy
Behind the lens: @kwameagyeijr
Script & VO: me @denis_boateng
Edits: @kwameagyeijr & @bibbydc (wifey)
I love collaborating with the family!!

These cartoons (Recess & Proud Family) provided amazing lessons for me, which are to appreciate your real friends and that family is everything. The Recess crew stuck together to beat detention and trouble with Ms. Finster, and well Penny always found a way to beat the odds with her friends and family lol. Her entrepreneur father never gave up, and having a strong working mother who was a veterinarian and always brought things full circle while remaining as the anchor of the family no matter the obstacle. #neighborhoodhero #saturdaymorningcartoons #recess #proudfamily 📚 READ THE STORY NEIGHBORHOOD HERO on @weabetx

Hold down the neighborhood, and to the youth I say, explore the many amazing and positive resources you’re community may have to offer. If there aren’t any round up your friends and start something amazing. #neighborhoodhero

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