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Deneb  Ace Boogie 👽Snaxx 🍔 Greñuda 💀💕

Aside from winning the comp. Today we celebrate the best decision Rudy ever made 😉 Happy 9 year anniversary to us.

Ya girl brought home 1st. Thank you @af_nutrition_ for putting this event together 💪🏽 #lftcure #kilolift

Kilo Fam! There’s still time to register for @lftcure let’s go out and show our support for the good cause. Saturday Feb. 2 BE THERE #kilolift #lftcure

T-7 Days people! Come out Saturday Feb 2nd and watch athletes (myself included 💪🏽😉) compete in the @lftcure Strength and Agility challenge. OR better yet SIGN UP AND COMPETE YOURSELF! Calling out all my @kilo_lift fitness buddies! If you’re interested in signing up let me know! #lftcure #kilolift

Little part of warm up and snatching funny faces. That face usually comes with an elephant noise due to air escaping my pressed lips lmao🐘

Note to self: build a Stronger and stable back. Today’s workout made me feel like shit. I struggled bussed and wasn’t happy.

Me showing up after the holidays like....

The new year is right around the corner! Join me January 2nd to kick off the start of kilo lifts Ladies strength and conditioning program! Contact @kilo_lift for information on registering 💪🏽 let’s get!

3 years, 9 semesters and about 500 kin students. My time as an instructor has finally come to an end. I couldn’t have picked a better group of future physical therapists, Occupational Therapists, P.E teachers, strength coaches, personal trainers etc. to Help me end my chapter as a Golden Age instructor. Thank you!

When in doubt, DT it out. 💀 5 rounds 12 dead’s 9 cleans 6 push press. DT is always my punishment to myself when I don’t want to workout lol

Upper body Push pull super set day. Then a little 3x20 metcon to end me.

What will tomorrow bring? Possibly some yoga and some conditioning so I can fit into my birthday pants lol 😂

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