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"There will come a time when you think that everything is finished. That will be the beginning." 🌿✨ #livelovesimplehome

The photographs of this delicious, beautiful frittata have been sitting on my computer, untouched for way too long! I meant to share this recipe here ages ago, but alas, I am behind on life, as usual. 🌿🍳🍅🧀 Still, I am so excited to be sharing it at last. They say that good things are worth the wait, and in this case — yes, so worth it!

The frittata is one of the world’s most perfect foods. It’s cheap, yet beautiful. It’s easy to cook, and it’s an excellent way to use up leftovers. You can make it as simple or as beautiful as you like. It is the ultimate brunch food. It’s perfect for a fancy get together, or a simple breakfast in your pajamas. Full recipe up on the blog now at ❤️🍽

“Your soul has fallen to bits and pieces. Good. Rearrange them to suit yourself.” —Hermann Hesse

🐻✨ Roman is four. Roman is four. Roman is four. I have to say it over and over again, just to get my head around it. It’s already been three months, but even still, I can’t quite believe it. In my mind, he is frozen at three. My heart refuses to allow my mind to go any further than that. Will I accept it someday? Come to terms with it? Maybe, I don’t know.

It’s taken me a lot to write this post– I’ve never been this emotional about their birthdays before. We’ve been having a little bit of a rough go of it lately. See, my heart is still attached to my sweet toddler boy. The one who thought that his Mama had the moon, the stars, and the sun neatly held inside of the palms of her hands. He did everything that I asked, as quickly as he could. We never went through the “Terrible Two’s” with him and the first half of “The Three’s” were easy as pie. He was always as sweet as could be, loved to cuddle, and let me hold him for as long as my arms could stand it.

And then suddenly, in the past month or so, cuddling has dropped to a minimum and holding him is only acceptable when he has a major “boo-boo.” Even boo-boo’s seem to be happening less and less, and his advanced vocabulary articulates scrapes, bumps, and splinters.

He is growing by leaps and bounds and these days I see less and less of my baby, and more and more of my boy.

What have I got left? Our mornings. My sweet boy creeps into my bed each morning just after the sun rises. Here I sneak a few cuddles and kisses, still. I am reminded of those early days, those first three months when he wouldn’t sleep anywhere else except wrapped up in my arms. The next three when he would only sleep in my arms or swinging in his swing beside me. The next six when he would wake before the sun, and I would carry him to my bed and nurse him back to sleep, cradling him in my arms for a few hours more, where he was quiet and at home and perfectly content, as long as we were wrapped up together.

Yes, those days were so hard and exhausting, but my goodness, in retrospect.. [Read more at]

Welcome to our porch. 🍋☀️🏡 #livelovesimplehome

"Understand me. I'm not like an ordinary world. I have my madness, I live in another dimension and I do not have time for things that have no soul." 🌿 —Bukowski

My sweet Marina Grace. She is so wild & fearless & loud. A carbon copy of me when I was her age physically; but personality-wise my polar opposite! I pray for Grace every day that I can nurture & cultivate her wild spirit. 🌿 It is so unnatural for me because I have always been quiet and reserved, just like Roman is. But Marina she is our little firecracker. Every day is a test and an opportunity for learning. She teaches me so much about Grace, unconditional love, and patience. She is the answer to the prayer inside of my heart that I didn't even know existed. ❤️

Last week I took my babies to the park. While they were playing on the playground -- running around, climbing, jumping, going up and down the slides -- I sat down on the swing. I started swinging back-and-forth. Pumping my legs, going higher and then higher still. Suddenly I was flying through the air. I got so high that on the downswing my stomach dropped, as though I were on a roller coaster.

I was going so high, so fast, and for a few moments it felt like control had completely slipped away from me. There was nothing but me and the sky and weightlessness and I just started laughing uncontrollably. Joy filled my entire body. For the first time in so long I felt no pain, no worry, nothing. I just was. I need to figure out how to get that feeling more often.

I see it in my children so often -- joy, excitement, weightlessness, fearlessness. They are so beautiful and pure, radiant and loving. There is so much that we, adults, can learn from children. I feel that it is my greatest duty as their mother to embrace all of their joy, to cultivate it inside of them and inside of myself too.

I want my children to know that every moment is a gift, a small miracle filled with magic and possibility. How we must seize each precious and magical moment that we are blessed with -- that is the great lesson. 🌿✨ #childhoodunplugged

“Freedom is dangerous. You’ve got to make choices. You’ve got to make very dangerous choices. You’ve got to be taught that your life is in your hands.” 🌿✨ #livelovesimplehome

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” —W.B. Yeats ✨🐳 #childhoodunplugged

"Your new life is going to cost you your old one." ❤️🌿 // 📷 credit: @erinwitkowskiphoto

I am no longer afraid; I am a child of God. 🌿✨ #livelovesimplehome

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