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Dear Friends,

Happy Solstice.

Summer Solstice, also known as midsummer, occurs when the earth’s rotational axis on its northern hemisphere, is most inclined toward the sun. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, when we get more sunlight than we do on any other day of the year. I have long celebrated this special day. For me, it holds as much importance as any of the major holidays. Not only does it mark the height of light, but it also represents the halfway point in our year. What better time to take stock of all that we have done and all that we have yet to do?

Through the ages, the summer solstice has symbolized growth, renewal, and fertility. There is an abundance of energy to be tapped into at this time. It is the very best time to harness the magic of the universe. Set your intentions. Get a tarot reading. Cast a love spell. Recite your most meaningful prayer.

This afternoon, I walked around my home and my yard and snapped these photographs. Simple reflections of the things that I am so deeply grateful for. When I think back to how I started this year there is simply no way that I could have even imagined the incredible things that would unfold, the peace that I would find, the hope that would set my soul at ease, and the magic that would stretch itself out in front of me.

My days are not easy. They are full and heavy and, oftentimes, terrifying. Yet, when I look at where I have come from and where I am now — the path is breathtaking. Courage that I did not know existed has poured out of me through the trials that I have faced. And most of all, I have been strong and I have been brave. For years and years, I talked about leaping. I prayed that God would catch me. Then, the time came. I jumped and I was caught and held and I rose up.

I have so much to share, my dearest friends. My story of redemption: of loss and faith, of fear and courage, and mostly of the strength to start all over again.

My advice to you is this: J U M P .

Love always—

Questioner: How are we to treat others?
Ramana Maharahi: There are no others.

I'll be sharing a lot more recipes on my blog in the near future. So get ready! I’ve probably done more cooking in the last two weeks than I have in the last year — and I am so excited to share all of it with you. First up on my list of staples is vegan rice and beans. My little ones absolutely love rice and beans. It’s one of their favorites and Marina, especially, will eat it by the bucketful. 🍽✨ Preparing it this way makes it not only delicious, but also incredibly nutritious. I call this recipe “Summery” Rice & Beans because you can really shred in any fresh summertime vegetables that you have on hand. This time around I’ve used carrots and zucchini, but you can really add any vegetable that you love. Head over to livelovesimple.com for the full recipe, ingredients and directions.

Summer baby girl. ☀️🌺

Roman's last day of preschool. Swipe ⬅️ to see his first day. • • • In a way, it feels like Roman’s first day of preschool was just yesterday. In another way, it feels like that was a lifetime ago. Not only has he learned and grown so much over the course of this school year, but so much has come to pass in our lives since then.

I am definitely feeling bittersweet about this day. I am so proud of everything that he accomplished over the course of this school year. I am so very glad that we decided to send him to preschool. I was always back and forth about it, but I know now — without a doubt — that it was the very best decision for him.

I am so grateful to his amazing and inspiring teachers, two women who truly have hearts of gold. I feel blessed beyond measure that I got to leave my sweet boy with them twice every week this past school year. I know that their loving spirits have molded him in special ways that will last a lifetime.

I am also grateful that we have another full year ahead of us before we have to start thinking about kindergarten, because I am so not ready to think about that yet! But, one day at a time, right?
💙💙💙 I love you to the moon and back, Roman James. There are no words to say how much happiness you bring to me and how proud I am of the incredible little boy that you have become. Always, always, always. ✨

"One of the deepest pains you'll ever know is denying your own feelings to make other people comfortable."

“Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” —Henry James ☀️🌿

"She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful." —Terry Pratchett ❤️🔥🍷🐉

Summer days are made for ice cream cones. 🍦☀️

"Whatever they grow up to be, they are still our children and the one most important of all the things we can give to them is unconditional love. Not a love that depends on anything at all except that they are our children." —Rosaleen Dickson 🌿☀️ #childhoodunplugged

“When people are ready to, they change. They never do it before then, and sometimes they die before they get around to it. You can't make them change if they don't want to, just like when they do want to, you can't stop them.” ―Andy Warhol

Learning all about pulley systems with his Gammy's clothesline. This boy has such an engineering mind. Learning how things work is his favorite! 💡⚙️🛠🔗📐 #childhoodunplugged

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