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Clair voyant  Portland, Oregon Apprentice at 1924us

This photo is completely irrelevant to what's on my mind tonight, but storms have a similar connotation to how I feel about the tragedy that has taken place in the little paper town that I live in. I know I'm not the only one that's filled with grief, but more so I just wish there was more that I could do to help people. I didn't even know the individual, but this event has left me heartbroken. For any of those of you who might be struggling and need a person to talk to, I and many others are here to talk to.

I think it's fair to say, that we have both seen better days


Hold back your tears until it's through
the photographs I've taken only blur the faces out
And my mind can't seem to hold onto anyone

In the studio with @orrjosey and @1924us a few weeks back.

Vanessa on Cinestill film

My favorite skater boy who's become so much to me since we first met last June. It's surreal that we have almost been dating a year now. And I'm even happier with the fact that I'll be back with Kyle on the east coast in less than a month. ❤️

You've begun to feel like home

Early last year flying above Oregon in a tiny plane.

I've been photographing quite a bit lately, but in a completely new style and it's definitely pushed me creatively. Tonight, I put my two weeks on in at a job I have worked at the last two years. I am learning that the comfort of continuity is holding me back from so many opportunities. With that being said, I'm super excited to be joining @1924us full time.

Cute couples make me miss my love, but the good thing is that in a little over a month, I'll be back on the east coast to see him.

Not perfect but these mildly warm evenings remind me of good memories and singing.

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