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they snapped!!
for @heakori 🤩

hung up on u
my ugly loop

- 민 윤기 💌
happy [late] birthday to our hard working baby! i hope you were showered in love and affection, because you deserve it so much. i’m proud of how far you’ve come, and you should be too. you keep fighting, even though things pulls you down, and i admire that. you’re strong and inspiring and lovely.
i love you, happy birthday ♡
[my audio] #happysugaday

» mbf me
» 1920x1080 or 1280x720
» not first come first serve
» leave 0.5sec at the beginning and end for transitions
» meet the deadline thx
» no coloring, no wm
two parts, program, two people
1: @ex.lexiaess_ w/ baekhyun
2: @taekins w/ taehyung
3: mine w/ hoseok
4: @jjunguar w/ hyuna
5: @krenuely.lux w/ jungkook
also this is my audio.

사랑 is recruiting:
一 mbf the leader @xmysticbaes @wnpils @obsession.edits @demqn @taehjunk
一 must have discord
一 tag 3 editors
一 must ship taekook
一 this is a group where we talk MOSTLY about taekook
一 must post your edit in the hashtag #lovegrpentry1 (1 edit only allowed, only new edits)
一 the recruitiment finish the 25th of march
一 have fun!!

support the hixtape babs!

for the taekook queens
@demilvne @redhtae

2018.02.18 | NO REPOSTING thanks
today, the most important boy in my life turns 24. dear j-hope, jung hoseok. when i first discovered bts, your laugh and smile, and hard working attitude really caught onto me. i remember watching boy meets evil with admiration constantly building in my chest for every move you made, and how my heart literally grew listening to your voice. i remember thinking you reminded me of the colour yellow, and you still do, because you’re bright and hopeful and you’re warm. and you also make me feel happy, like i’m suddenly comforted and at peace when you speak or laugh. even on my worst days you still manage to cheer me up and help bring me out of the dark holes my mind digs. you may say you’re the light in those dark holes that help me find the way out, hence why you’re yellow. you make me calm down, and i can not express how grateful and thankful i, and many others, am because you’re just you and because you exist. my hardworking hope, you have accomplished a lot, and i’m proud, you never cease to impress me. i hope you’re having an amazing day, eating as much cake as you want, being around loved ones and resting.
to jung hoseok from elsa,
i love you. happy birthday.

happy valentines day!
this is a v late bday edit oof
ib: vegas.vfx

happy (late) birthday to my baby boy! | please don’t repost this, thank u!

game is on
for trina (@inakunvru)

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