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guld lead  「 叢 ・ elsa ・ after effects 」

concept photos: e version
#guldgrp #plexusgrp
(which version was ur fav? i might edit another one of them!)

happy birthday to one of my nct biases!! ilysm na jaemin i hope you’re happy and that you got a lot of cake uwu. stay healthy, i love you!
[#happyjaeminday] ib. @demilvne

taeyong stans... u good?
my audio | #guldgrp #plexusgrp

hey so im guessing yall know by now but i was @zseiun 🗿
idk if i’ll ever use the acc again since zodiac exposed itself but idk lol anyways,,, surprise but not rly bc it was so obvious bgnfkd

you’re my favorite 💘
ac: @iohnnv | #guldgrp #plexusgrp

hey tim!!!1!!1 its ur bday bitch! idk where to start rly but i cant believe i have such an amazing friend in my life uwu
you make me very happy and you cheer me up when i’m sad and i rly fucking appreciate you. ik this is kinda cheesy but i love u so fucking much thank u for being my best fuckign friend!! @moonalyze

for cat ilu @demilvne
ac: kahaanis | #guldgrp #plexusgrp

hoseok: u always gotta stay positive!
hoseok: [falls down the stairs]
you: wow you sure got down those stairs quickly!
#guldgrp #plexusgrp

i started this as a jk edit and then i uh...
ac: ahkari ok sc | #guldgrp #plexusgrp

[repost] bf! nomin social media au in
which everyone loves them oh wait-
dt: mimi uwu | #plexusgrp #guldgrp
ilu elsa <3 - Tim

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