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Mitch Dempsey  I am skilled in the arts of war, and military tactics.

Explanatory value of this diagram - - zero.

Career opportunities for a generation of Gemmas, Ambers and Caitlins who want to live and work in Surry Hills and market this inane shit to companies and government as somehow representing some sort of creativity or insight - - unlimited.

Explanation for why it bothers me so much - - still working on it/open to suggestions.

with the...

Anyone seeking a brief introduction to the zeitgeist here in Kempsey N.S.W will find this image instructive.

When the strata management is that than which no greater can be logically conceived. It is beyond all distinctions, not only the distinction between competing strata management service providers, but even the distinction between strata management and that which is not strata management. Yea, verily! it is beyond even the distinction between distinction and unity. And so hearken to thee, those of my children who are invested in jointly owned properties requiring administration of common areas and facilities, I AM ABSOLUTE!

Just for a moment there i thought it said '...most impractical...'


You wot?

You've got your men, right, at the apex of creation, and then you've got....

This guy's nationalist folkloric revisionism has a real 90s experimental art-rock feel about it.

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