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DEMONS & DREAMS  Rock band from HTX ✨ Demons & Dreams is Ernest, Gin, and Adriana.

Look at this awesome digital art piece our great friend @meli_monsterr made us! Super cool! She's a talented local artist so hit her up for yalls art needszz #localartists #houstonart #houstonbands

"The Calling" is the first song we ever wrote together for Demons & Dreams, it was inspired after watching a PBS special on wolves. The alpha male and female wolves stay together for their entire lifespan, howling at the moon, and ruling over their pack -- as one. We thought it was incredible and wrote a song about the beautiful bond. ✨ (Shout out to the person who ordered a latte at the end of the video hahaha you can hear the espresso machine) #rockbands #acoustic #houstonlocalbands #artists

Thank you to the Blue Giraffe in Spring, Tx for having us on Saturday! We had great time performing. #houstonmusicscene #houstonmusic #rockbands #acoustic

Check out these sweet shots from our unplugged set at #Notsuoh last weekend. ✨ (We're totally making @jack_ehh our official photographer lol thanks for the pics!)
Come see us tomorrow at the Blue Giraffe in Spring, Tx!
#houstonmusic #houstonartists #rockbands #acoustic

We're planning to hit up the studio soon! ✨✨ For now, jam our demos like "Dying To Feel Alive" on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, or YouTube! This song is super special to us and probably our favorite to play live.
#houstonmusic #localmusic #rockbands #supportlocalmusic #houstonmusicians

Last night was a blast! Thanks for having us #Notsuoh and #VisionaryNoise
Photo by @jack_ehh

Ernesto is retiring his classic black guitar for this beauty! Haha come see us tomorrow at #Notsuoh we're playing a FREESHOW hosted by #visionarynoise

Working on some new songs! Hence the "la la las" lol we really like where this one is going ✨

If you, or anybody you know, might be interested in playing drums for our band, hit us up on here or
Our sound is a fusion of hard rock, melodic instrumentation, and dark pop. We're influenced by bands like The Cranberries, Placebo, Depeche Mode, etc. If you can get down with that -- we're your guys!
- Must have own equipment/transportation - Must be down to practice at least once a week
- Must be professional - we take our craft very seriously
- Must bring snacks to practice (hahaha jkjk)

Please help our band by sharing this post!
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Check out ya boys this Sunday July 2nd at Notsuoh ✨ #visionarynoise #houstonmusic #supportlocalmusic

Follow us on Facebook for performance videos and updates! #houstonmusic #visionarynoise #RedPublication #supportlocalmusic

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