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Demon  For the love of lugs...

The KS2000-1 looking seductive in b&w.... I’m excited to start on the KS2000-2. I’ll show you what that’s going to look like a bit later. Happy Monday everyone.

By popular request, here is a full view of the KS2000-1 frame featuring Demons very own aero fork. More photos later today or tomorrow. Happy Friday everyone!

The KS2000-1. I started this frame pretty much exactly one year ago, two weeks before my son was born. As it was just a bit of fun for me it had to wait whilst I worked on customers frames. She’s now finished and ready for paint (which is going to be ridiculous). There’s over 1.6 meters of fillet brazing on this frame! I’ll try and come up with a better name now. It will be for sale at some point. I’ve also already designed the next webbed frame which is going to be a bit more brutal. Happy Thursday all of you.

Another Bastion Demon in the works with the talented guys at @bastioncycles this one is heading to @bureaufidder in the Netherlands, my home country.

The customer came to collect this... he said it surpasses all of his expectations, which is very nice to hear. When it’s built up it’ll get a little photo shoot, so you guys will just have to wait for more photos, sorry!

The Hermes bottom bracket shell. This one is ready for some nickel plating. Hope you all have a great weekend.

So, it’s been a long time coming... here’s the new Demon aero fork. This all started years ago with some 2D drawings and then @schwinnatallcosts translated all that into a 3D model. Then there was a fairly long wait for the tooling to be made. But it’s here and it’s pretty fucking cool.

Fuck yeah! Love working with brass. This is a coaster/paperweight, 9mm thick, almost 90mm diameter and just under 500grams. £40 plus postage. I have enough material to make 5 more. Hands up (DM me) if you want one! If it’s popular I’ll think about making a small batch but they’re probably not going to be quite as thick.

Another Bastion X Demon frame coming to life. The guys over at @bastioncycles are doing great work with these. This one is heading for Indonesia.

Last three bottle openers available... if you want to make yourself or someone else happy this Christmas then order one from the website now before they’re all gone!

The new top-eyes, AKA seat stay caps on a Hermes seat lug for the very first time. I think they go together quite nicely. Hope you're all having a good Monday!

Buff buff buff... another Hermes frame almost ready. Next stop, nickel plating.

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