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Green Gold (dropped a whole tray of them today so feeling very sad 😞).

Illanka 63% is one of our dreamiest and simplest chocolate truffles. There is no denying the quality of the cacao. It’s made up of gran blanco beans from Peru, which produces exceptionally creamy chocolate. The fruity nature of the chocolate carries itself with notes of blueberries and a slight but never overbearing tangyness. A slight finish of coffee seals the deal. I have tried many chocolates, but few come close to this. There is the reason why this has been our only single origin chocolate that stays on throughout the year, and would be excellent as gifts if you’re introducing a friend to the world of fine chocolate, or even a seasoned hand who is an affacionado. I still recall fondly how when my supplier gave me a bag of this and I stood rooted on the spot for two minutes as I consumed it all right in front of her. I bought an entire carton immediately after that.

Quintessentially Singaporean, and a favour that just won’t go away, our salted egg and cereal truffles combine two tze char greats. The rich and flavourful salted egg yolk paste is mixed into a white chocolate ganache, with the rich and fragrant cereal fried with curry leaves and chilli padi cutting through the heaviness of the ganache. We took this off the shelves once and we were roundly told off by a customer that “this is the only thing I like, so put it back on the menu!” It’s been on ever since.

Join us at our Palais Renaissance popup today and tomorrow, 11-9pm!

One of the very first chocolate truffle flavours we made was this tea-infused chocolate. Paired with the gorgeously fruity and acidic manjari from Madagascar, the Marco Polo blend from Mariage Freres is a complex and aromatic blend of fruity and floral scents. In the chocolate, it tastes remarkably like a rich strawberries and cream cake.

We’ve switched to a new batch of kinako from kisshokaryo Kyoto for our black sesame truffles, and it’s very intense and rich. Almost like peanut butter! New batches available now online. Check out our new delivery pricing - two boxes and above gets you free delivery.

Fresh boxes of matcha and apple brandy for sale! Order before 2pm to enjoy same-day delivery.

Check out our latest flavour Malaysian Mirai, made with yuzu and bunga kantan (torch ginger lily)! Our popup at @capitolpiazza opens at 7pm till 10pm today.

Bunga Kantan (Torch Ginger) in chocolate. Can’t wait to tell my grandma I desecrated another Peranakan ingredient in chocolate.

Picking up some late spring delights. Fresh Sansho peppercorns and sudachi are awesome.

One of my favourite tea shops in Nara, focusing on single origin teas from small farms in Japan, China and Taiwan. The proprietors of this shop source for every single tea themselves directly from the farmer. Have not been able to come for so long and it’s so good to be back here.

Sake lees of this quality is usually kept behind closed doors in breweries, but thankfully I am acquainted with people who can get this with a phone call. Looking forward to working with it! #demochoco #sake #ikesu

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