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👻: demiminh  "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. " Mahatma Gandhi.

Our new livingroom.. work in progress ☺️☺️❣@nina__jedersberger

Workaholic 😂 - Credits to my photographer @dht7it ☺️❣

Frühstück mit @viiiiiieeet ❣☺️

Sonne tanken 🌞🌹

My one & only ☺️❣

My Valentine ❤️ @michael94x

my blonde everything ❣love you @_n1cki_

Somewhere Nowhere 🌲❄️🌬🌨 @viiiiiieeet @michael94x

My face 80% of the time- like. U serious bout dat shit. Thanks for captioning the real me 😂 @namjuni

Studenten Leben -Austellung planen im freien #MeAndTommyLoveEachOther 🤣

I need my long unicorn hair back immediately 💔💩 #ShortHairICare

Happy New Year🎊🎉❣

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