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“do you trust me?” #aladdin 🕌🧞‍♂️✨

it’s #wildandfreeconf weekend, and since we aren’t across the pond 😜 I’m reading through notes from september’s conference and feeling inspired all over again. {swipe to read} we just bought the remaining books for oliver to begin first grade, and I definitely teared up at the thought. deciding if we should begin this coming fall or wait until next as he’s a december birthday. but what a gift to have the freedom to decide with him, and to cater our curriculum to his needs and learning desires. so thankful for this community of likeminded mamas to gleam wisdom from, share concerns and triumphs, and just fellowship together. praying for you ladies livin it up at #wildandfreeeurope ! ✨

our two pots of gold 🌈✨

I can remember it like it was yesterday, even though it was some 22 years ago. my mom kept all of our bathing suits in a cream colored knit bag hanging by the laundry machine. they’d go in there sopping wet, tangled together in a web of summer memories. I remember taking that net bag on a field trip in third grade - holding a disposable camera with a daisy on it, among other elementary treasures. and now, here I am with a similar bag from @caeli.deco - avocado dyed and made from recycled cotton. versatility, full circle 💫


see that brown puck and those little silver-looking stones next to it? both are what we’re using for emf protection currently. (If you’re interested in that, @janny.organically and @empoweredautoimmune have a comprehensive guide to it) a response I hear often about most everything is “but Gods will. We can’t fear.” hear me out- God also gives discernment. make informed decisions. there’s so much information floating around the internet, and it can be overwhelming. but don’t let that make you complacent! steve and I were talking a few days ago how what we learn from our parents/caretakers naturally tends to be what we do without questioning it. or even more so, what media tells us. but goodness, we have these beautiful capable brains and hearts, and maybe what’s been done for so long isn’t the best option. maybe somewhere along the line, it became the easiest option- the most socially acceptable. as a family who hasn’t used body wash for well over two years, doesn’t vaccinate, avoid single use plastics, doesn’t go barefoot in most places due to pesticide, but believes in the God-given healing properties of environments and going barefoot in others among a slew of other social abnormalities, I say to hell with what’s acceptable. let’s take care of our families the best we can, with grace and honor and informed decisions. 💛 {puck is organite from organiteandy on Etsy and stones are shungite}

woke up with a real hankerin’ for a national park. #thingshomeschoolerssay am I right? 😂 searching for treasures in cobblestone roads, toured the 1700’s court house, walked along waters edge, and snagged another junior ranger badge.

new baby carolina wrens, giant bubbles, and boarding/scootering in the sunshine. after the past few days of cold temps and rain, today felt straight up necessary.

if you think rythmns aren’t necessary for toddlers (or anyone in general, really) than move and see how long it takes them to adjust. It’s a quick reminder 😅 we’ve been staying with my parents for a little over a week now while renovating the winnie, and are still adjusting to a new layout - trying to keep our day to day as similar as we can. morning time has been spotty, but if we make a dent in it, I count it success. and that’s REALLY stinkin hard for me. #enneagram1 ‘s where you at? 😏 if there’s one thing motherhood has taught me, it’s that grace and biblical truth overrides any enneagram flaws brought to light. praise the Lord, ya know?

happy mother’s day, super mamas 🌈✨

beach hair, don’t care 🤙🏽

{giveaway} grocery day is math day when homeschooling - swipe left to see their concentration. we count out fifteen snap peas, gather four carrots and decide to add two more, or split six bananas in half. sneaky learning, ya’ll 😏 our @allcottonandlinen bags are always in tow for plastic free grocery shopping, and they’ve offered to give away a pack of seven cotton muslin bags to one lucky winner! to enter, follow @allcottonandlinen and @demibrooke , tagging friends below for extra entries. winner will be notified early next week. ♻️

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