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Demeter USA  Mission: To enable people to farm successfully, in accordance with Biodynamic practices and principles. Vision: HEAL THE PLANET THROUGH AGRICULTURE.


Gabriel Noard, #Biodynamic farmer @pangaeaplants is glowing as much as his medicinal herbs 🌿 after winning the 2018 Farm Bureau Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge for Best Startup! CONGRATULATIONS!

Did you make a resolution to eat healthier this year? Did you think about what your "feeding" your skin?
When it comes to living a healthy and natural lifestyle, what you put ON YOUR BODY is just as significant as what you put IN your body. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and since it is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it.

Lucky for us... Martina Gebhardt Certified #Biodynamic + Organic Skin Care is having a New Year Sale! Their products (for men, women, teens, & babies!) are some of the best! Here's to a vibrant & healthy 2018!


Nellino’s Biodynamic® Project: A Call to Suppliers 🍅 “In 2015 we at Nellino’s brought to market the first U.S.-grown, U.S.-crafted certified Biodynamic® Marinara Sauce. The project garnered tremendous success, including spots in The New York Times and Conscious Company Magazine. Whole Foods Market provided Nellino’s with a $30,000 Local Producer Loan to build out the product, which was then sold exclusively in 120 of its locations. The company partnered with Whitted Bowers Farm in North Carolina to grow heirloom tomatoes, garlic, and basil, and then processed the sauce at a facility just an hour from the farm. This limited release product, from the fruits of 2015’s summer harvest, filled just 6,012 jars. We have never made it since, and we wish to change that in 2018. Consumer demand for products that reach beyond the organic standard and celebrate #regenerativeagriculture is very strong, and getting stronger every day. Nellino’s wishes to bring back this exciting product in the coming year and, most importantly, build out a supply chain to grow the #Biodynamic marketplace. To meet this goal, Nellino’s at this time invites certified Biodynamic® tomato growers to contact us at info@nellinos.com. We’d love to know the following, but welcome more information:
🍅1. What is the name of your farm and where are you located? 🍅2. How long have you been certified Biodynamic® and have you grown tomatoes on your farm before? 🍅3. How much acreage can you dedicate to a single heirloom tomato variety in 2018? 🍅4. Do you grow basil and garlic on your farm? 🍅5. Do you have experience selling wholesale to customers? 🍅6. When is your tomato harvest typically each year? 🌿At Nellino’s we care deeply that our products not only nourish people, but also nourish the Earth. The goal of Biodynamic farming is to “Heal the Planet through Agriculture” and we hope that you will consider being a part of our journey to bring this historic product back to market. To learn more about Biodynamic agriculture, please visit http://www.demeter-usa.org/. Please send your replies by December 31, 2017.”
Sincerely, Neal McTighe CEO and Founder Nellino’s Sauce Co. Nellinos.com

LINK IN BIO! #GreenAmerica awards Demeter #Biodynamic certification 5 out of 5 stars! Demeter is only one of 4 out of 33 labels to be awarded 5 stars and the only "Environmental Concerns Labels” that achieved this level of recognition. In that category- NOP #Organic received 4 stars. 🤩
#RegenerativeAgriculture #HealTheSoil #BiodynamicAgriculture #CarbonFarming #EatClean #BiodynamicGardening #CleanLabels #HealThePlanetThroughAgriculture #demeterusa #demetercertified

Plentiful. Underutilized. Health Benefiting & #Biodynamic 💚After 2 1/2 years of red tape, nutritional testing, & environmental certifications to get legal... final approval just came in 3 months ago for this amazing Biodynamic & #organic #avocadotea from #demetercertified @theavocadoteacompany 🥑 and it’s selling like hot cakes! 😁 see link in bio to learn more! 🥑
#californiagrown #biodynamiccertified #demeterusa #regenerativeagriculture #drinktea #avocado🥑 #biodynamicfarming #laspalmalitas #carpinteria #cleandrinks #carbonfarming #beyondorganic #biodynamicavocado #tealeaves #avocadoleaves

We support keeping the soil in #organic & #Biodynamic ✅ “Since last July there have been 15 Rallies to #ProtectOrganic 🌻Some of these Rallies were big, and some were small. They happened from #California to #Maine 🌱The central theme of the Rallies has been to honor #healthysoil as the essential foundation of organic farming. 🌿
There is one more Rally still to come; the final Rally at the Jacksonville Florida #NOSB meeting on October 31. Please join us at the Jacksonville Rally.”
#regenerativeagriculture #soilmatters #eliotcoleman #fredkirschenmann #keepthesoilinorganic #HolisticFarming #BiodynamicFarming #biodynamicagriculture #demeterusa #CarbonSequestration #carbonfarming #SoilRally #EatClean #HealthyFood #HealthySoil #farming

In response to the devastating fires in California, we would like to share an update on @freywine America’s first #organic & #Biodynamicwinery ♥️🍷
“All of our family members and winery staff are safe. 🙏🏽
Our beautifully rustic office buildings, tasting room, & bottling line have burned, but the main house & the insulated warehouse holding our case goods are unscathed. Our stainless steel wine tanks & the majority of the crush pad are also fine. Although vineyards typically don’t burn, with the intensity of this firestorm we did lose about 10% of our estate vineyards along the peripheries of the ranch. In addition to the home ranch, we have 300 acres of satellite vineyards scattered throughout #RedwoodValley & #PotterValley that are in great shape. 🍇
Fortunately, we broke ground two months ago for our new winery site on West Rd in Redwood Valley, and this land is untouched. We are mourning the loss of many of our grand oak trees that provided summer shade and a diverse wildlife habitat, but at the same time we are grateful that healthy stands of oaks are thriving at our new location.
We would like to extend a huge thank you to our long-time friends @barraofmendocino @fetzerwine @parducciwine wineries who have offered their certified organic facilities for temporary offsite winemaking. This is an invaluable help. We are looking forward to being able to bottle more wine soon with the help of a mobile bottling line arriving in the first part of November. You’ll be happy to know that we’ll be able to fill the Frey wine pipeline before the holidays.
The #redwoodcomplexfire continues to burn, but at the time of this writing it is 50% contained. We have deep gratitude for the teams of first responders who are working tirelessly to suppress the fire and keep all of us safe. Our hearts go out to our many, many friends and neighbors who lost their homes in this crisis, & we have continued concern for those whose homes and land are still at risk. In the last week we have seen a tremendous outpouring of support from our local community & beyond for everyone affected by the fire. To help, please donate to the Disaster Fund for #Mendocino County...”

LINK IN BIO! 🌎 From @drmercola interview with Co-Director Elizabeth Candelario:
"I really think there’s a clarion call right now, especially for the natural food industry, to focus on #regenerative and #Biodynamic agriculture. Because at the end of the day, Biodynamic #farms are uniquely suited to address #carbonsequestration in a way that other industries are not. The good news is that consumers have tremendous power when it comes to driving this change. Every time you shop for food, you’re voting for one agricultural system or another, so make deliberate, intentional choices." .
Look for the full interview (47 minutes) on Mercola's YouTube. Thank you Dr. Mercola! 🙏🏽
#regenerativeagriculture #drmercola #foodasmedicine #beyondorganic #demetercertified #biodynamicfarming #realnutrition #soilhealth #healtheating #eatclean #nogmos #healtheplanet

@sanandiusa Says: "At our farm we grow #medicinal plants used in all of our products; it has its own #seedbank 🌾green house, multiple #apiaries 🐝 and wormery, and all #biodynamicpreparations are made in-house. We promote a truly #biodiverse oasis and value and respect nature, its ecosystems and all organisms, adhering to the principles of Common Good. *Today we made three posts to CELEBRATE & WELCOME our newest #DemeterUSA certified member: @sanandiusa 🌷They may be new to the US market, but their "land has been cultivated with care and dedication for more than sixteen years under the principles and tenets of biological, organic, and biodynamic farming." We are happy to welcome you to our family! .
#sociallydriven #carbonfarming #biodynamic #biodynamicfarming #herbalhealing #beyondorganic #regenerativeagriculture #mexicofarm #rancholapaz #biodynamicagriculture #healthyfood #soilmatters #carefornature #herbalwisdom #handcrafted #respectnature

Please visit @sanandiusa new member page on our directory to find out where you can buy their #biodynamic herbal products! http://www.biodynamicfood.org/biodynamic/Sanandi-USA *Today we make three posts to CELEBRATE & WELCOME our newest #DemeterUSA certified member: @sanandiusa 🌷They may be new to the US market, but their "land has been cultivated with care and dedication for more than sixteen years under the principles and tenets of biological, organic, and biodynamic farming." We are happy to welcome you to our family! .
#sociallydriven #carbonfarming #biodynamic #biodynamicfarming #herbalhealing #beyondorganic #regenerativeagriculture #mexicofarm #rancholapaz #biodynamicagriculture #healthyfood #soilmatters #carefornature #herbalwisdom #handcrafted

Our next three posts are going CELEBRATE & WELCOME our newest #DemeterUSA certified member: @sanandiusa may be new to the US market, but their "land has been cultivated with care and dedication for more than sixteen years under the principles and tenets of biological, organic, and biodynamic farming." We are happy to welcome you to our family! .
#sociallydriven #carbonfarming #biodynamic #biodynamicfarming #herbalhealing #beyondorganic #regenerativeagriculture #mexicofarm #rancholapaz #biodynamicagriculture #healthyfood #soilmatters #carefornature #herbalwisdom

Thank you #DemeterArgentina for sharing the report on a meeting with #Biodynamic wines of Cordillera de los Andes! "For the sixth consecutive year, the International Biodynamic Vitiviniculture Encounter was held, an event that annually brings together #oenologists and #winemakers from wineries and #vineyards of #Argentina and #Chile who practice biodynamics both in the field and in the wine . This sixth Encounter took place in Viña Odfjell, in Padre Hurtado-Santiago de Chile, where for three days, winemakers from more than twenty wineries exchanged experiences of biodynamic work in wine.
Also present were key speakers Christoph Simpfendörfer - General Secretary of Demeter International and Georg Meissner - Winegrower, oenologist and very well-known researcher specialized in #Viticulture BD who developed Biodynamic principles and practice from various angles particularly as they relate to southern hemisphere viticulture.
In the framework of this event, a tasting of twelve biodynamic wineries was made @ the European Restaurant where guests and specialized press tasted the unique, pure and rich #biodynamicwine produced on both sides of the #cordilleradelosandes 🍷
The wines were presented by their respective oenologists, among them: Álvaro Espinoza, from #ViñaAntiyal and one of the Chileans with more experience in biodynamic vitiviniculture; Cristó bal Undurraga of Viña Koyle; Yves Pouzet de Viña Tipaume; Arnaud Hereu de Viña OIdfjell; Julio Bastías of Viña Matetic; The Argentines: Mario Toso, from the winery Luna Austral; Panos Zouboulis from the winery Krontiras; Giusseppe Franceschini and Andrej Razumovsky from Alpamanta winery, among others.
All the wines tasted presented an excellent level of quality, by personal preference the most outstanding were the #carmenere pure wines and the assembly of carmenere, #cabernetsauvignon and syrah of Viña Antiyal; The @tipaume_grez blends of Viña Tipaume (the first vinified in barrels and the second in clay amphorae); The carmenere Royale and the blend Cerro Basalto of Viña Koyle; The wines Orzada (one carignan and another tannat) of Viña Odfjell; Coyam and GE of Viña @emilianaorganic (rest in bio link)

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