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Demeter USA  Mission: To enable people to farm successfully, in accordance with Biodynamic practices and principles. Vision: HEAL THE PLANET THROUGH AGRICULTURE.

We are very proud that our CORE VALUE of "helping #farmers farm better" came through this #Repost from @ambythestate 🌿
This week we had our annual Biodynamic inspection from Demeter. After 4 hours of inspecting our farm from top to bottom, walking the vineyards, digging holes for soil samples, inspecting our sheds and supplies, and reviewing record-keeping/farm timelines/inputs & outputs, we were told we are a model biodynamic farm. Our hearts soared high...
We don't have it all going on here at AmByth, especially in this dry central coast area, but we work hard to do what is right for our land. We work hard to steward what is not really ours.
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#Biodynamic : THE ORIGINAL REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE STANDARD (See link in Bio for full article) @newhopenetwork
IDEAXCHANGE "After Paris: Why the natural food industry should double down on regenerative organic agriculture" by Demeter USA Co-Director Elizabeth Candelario... "While most industries focus on emissions, the food industry can uniquely also focus on sequestration. Both are necessary to combat global warming." #carbonfarming #carbonsequestration #regenerativeagriculture #biodynamicfarming #biodynamicagriculture #farmtofork #Biodynamic #demetercertified #demeterusa #organiclife #beyondorganic #nogmoshere #cleaneats #healtheplanet #healthylifestyle #biodynamicwine #organicagriculture #closedloopsystem #permaculture #soilhealth

Chef Barclay Dodge of @bosqaspen restaurant in Aspen just sent word of how he is using @sustainable_settings Mother's milk raised, 100% grassfed A-2 #Biodynamic veal.
Straight from the chef: "Sustainable Settings' Biodynamic veal is so amazing. Thank you all so much for sharing him with us. Here's a few of our creations on the menu:
1. Veal chop + crispy garlic scapes + green herb butter.
2. Braised veal taco + almond tortilla + charred habanero purée + aioli + apricot + nasturtium
3. Veal tartare, American whiskey & and white soy dressing + baby turnips, sweet onion syrup + toast (SHOWN)
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Go to for more info and ticket sales! @deloachvineyard is hosting a delicious #Biodynamic #FarmToTable feast to support the Demeter Biodynamic Education Initiative! Mark your calendar's! Saturday, October 7, 2017 🌿🍷🍴🌎 "IN BIODYNAMIC VINO VERITAS ⚜️ GOOD PLANETS ARE HARD TO FIND"

Happy Fourth of July! There is a growing demand for #Biodynamic ingredients & produce in America! If you're a #farmer & want to learn more, reach out to our raw materials matchmaker @erinsojourner on opportunities to transition your farm! #regenerativeagriculture #carbonfarming #beyondorganic #nogmoshere #eatclean #rudolfsteiner #healtheplanet #istandwithfarmers #biodynamicfarming #biodynamicwine #biodynamicagriculture 🌿🦋

#Honeybees - A Compass Point

By @apisophia (Michael Joshin Thiele) Gaia Bees "When we enter the life of honeybees, we venture into a multidimensional landscape of being. Their 'ecology of selves' is as rich and all-pervading as it is intimately connected with the entire biosphere and our cultural life-sphere. As we know, their survival and well-being is critical for that of our own. From this realization emerges an intimacy which can be a guiding principle for our relationships with bees and a resource for our quest to find ways to provide for them on our farms, within our landscapes, and our local watersheds. The current zeitgeist seems to lead us naturally to inquire how we can create a holistic framework and engage with honeybees in a truly bee-centric fashion?" To read more go to under the "for #farmers section"
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This is the vision of Demeter USA: "To Heal The Planet Through Agriculture." ✅🌿♻️💚 together we CAN DO this! 😊🤝💡
Thank you to @ptarmak for all of your beautiful creations... including this image! 🌿🙏🏽🌿

“To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being; to truly know yourself, take real interest in the world.” #rudolfsteiner
Photo of #Biodynamic cow @seven_stars_farm 🐮🙏🏽

Save the Date for Adriano Zago's #Biodynamic Workshop on August 4th @montinore 🍷@adriano_mastrilli is a consultant & teacher in Biodynamic agriculture, specialized in viticulture & enology. "Biodynamic agriculture in my opinion is a practical method that fosters the production more fertile soils, healthier plants, food and wine in keeping with the forward evolution of human thought and spirit." Adrian Zago

Flower Essence Society Professional Course July 13 - 17, 2017 Nevada City CA
The Flower Essence Society’s ( Professional Course, offered by Patricia Kaminski & Richard Katz of #demetercertified #Biodynamic Flower Essence Services, is designed for both intermediate & advanced
practitioners with some previous training or experience with flower essence therapy. This is a special opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in flower essence therapy by combining practical and theoretical teachings, informational and experiential learning, flower essence plant studies and therapeutic profiles, counseling methods and inner work. 🌿
Highlights of the Professional Course • Philosophical/historical basis for flower essence therapy • In-depth profiles of leading flower essences and formulas • Nature walks and plant study in the Terra Flora gardens • Principles of flower essence selection, formulation and application • Practical experience assessing and selecting flower essences • The MetaFlora Map of the Soul as a blueprint for flower essence therapy • The Client-Practitioner Relationship in flower essence therapy • Treating special populations: children, elderly, animals • Clinical case reports and leading research from FES

Don’t Miss this inaugural event: #Biodynamic Summer Chautauqua @sustainable_settings July 7th through July 9th!!! This three-day feasting-and-farming extravaganza at a historic #Carbondale ranch sounds like something out of a dream... contact them for more details but read a quoted article detailing the enticements... "This summer, in celebration of its 20th anniversary, Sustainable Settings is hosting the aforementioned Biodynamic Summer Chautauqua. The “adults-only, hands-on regeneration retreat” will feature “slow, deliberate, celebratory eating and drinking,” combined with tours of the gardens and grassfed dairy, a slew of workshops on wildcrafting, medicinal herbs, BD soil preparations, mycology, the benefits of BD cannabis, dowsing (a type of divination used to locate ground water), astronomy, chi gong, and BD mixology and wine. In betwixt, there will be a humane lamb harvest for a traditional asado, live music, hot springs dips, hikes, and a wilderness picnic. Family-style meals—served in the 130-year-old heirloom apple orchard—will be prepared by the LeVan’s son Cooper, who has cooked at both Blue Hill at Stone Barns and Gramercy Tavern in New York"

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