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The art of listening to Rupi Kaur
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yesterday I visited the spot where the fire begun, it s some kilometers away from the coastline where that incredible loss of life took place. All the trees burnt, as you can see, where small pines which had been planted there in the past 7-8 years with tremendous effort and care  in order to help the ecosystem. Everything until the small peak and further is scorched earth and this is just the west side, not the coastline with the burning houses which is what you saw in the news.

That mountain (Pentelikon) has been torched numerous times over the last three decades. this image was shot 2 or 3 years after the last arson. Revisited the same spot today and nature has been at work so intensely, even if slowly, that you couldn't access the cliff due to the Holm oak shrubs growing again, first step before taller deciduous trees appear.
Michelle, Mamimya Rz67 - film

A few years ago with the stunning @dariammelnikova

@fashionartwise new face Sara from the workshop with @demdrys make up @martychio

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