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Dadmom/Radmom/Badmom/Sadmom  🌙|22|she/her|student|Abbie|Vegetarian|🌙 💫Requests-#demaricedrawme💫 ✨Commissions-closed✨ 💕 TOS #dmztos💕


—————————————————————————— She’s the last one so I’ll be really lenient with offers, I’d actually really like some art!

Sneak peek for @nulldream ✨💕

Wip of a YCH I plan to auction off ✨
#mlp #mlpoc #mlpfim #mlpart #mlpartist #mlpych #ych #ponyart #ponyartist #mlpdrawing #digital #digitalart #drawing #art

Hey, one more week for this! Four winners for this one, so definitely worth a shot! ✨

I am so proud of this!! I think this is going to be my new style, it’s a lot of work but I love it! Give me your thoughts below!

Working on my chibi style with my new girl ✨ name suggestions, anyone?
I got her from @crystalglimmer and I absolutely love her!

Never got a chance to post this! I made a little icon for when I’m streaming, so if you see this (the whole pic is her holding a little sign!) then I’m on picarto and I’ll have the link in my bio!

Putting her back up as an auction!
🌿Sailestarian adopt!🌿
CLOSED @stinger.wisp
SB only $.5/50 points!
MI only $.25/25
AB $30/3000 (to encourage bidding)
Auction will end in 24 hours, so keep an eye on her!
Cross posting, I’ll try to update as often as possible ————————————
Alstarians are a closed species that belong to @demaricezan. You may not make your own.

Adopt batch!
I’ll take offers of PayPal/points right now!
If they go unsold for a week I’ll open up art/other offers and lower abs. ————————————————————
1- OPEN min $6/600 ab $12/1200
2- CLOSED @ mirroden_bladesinger
3- CLOSED @ hunnnyclouds ————————————————————
Custom- CLOSED

To celebrate 1k, I am giving away 4 myo slots for my closed species Alstarians! -All you have to do is repost with the tag #alstariangiveaway and tag me in the description (not the image!). -It is a single raffle, so each winner will be picked from the same pool (which means you don’t have to specify which slot you would like!). -Only entries that have followed every rule will be counted! -The giveaway will end on February 28th (time tentative, but I’ll give a few hour warning!). -MYO slots will be valid for 3 months and are non-transferable!
-if you’re private, you need to dm me a screenshot of you posting the picture on your account timestamped for at least 1 day!

Here is the official Alstarian trait sheet! —————————————————
MYOs are unavailable at this time
Royal traits are not openly available
All designs must first be approved by me!
DM me about custom availability, it may change!
Customs start at $14 and range to $35.
Alstarians are a closed species my @demaricezan and you may not make your own. —————————————————
#alstaria #alstarianponies

My side of a trade with @nekisti
Your crazy babe is so cute!

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