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As remnants of Summer fade the Autumn Oil is a welcome arrival on my shelf. The perfect antidote to this shift in season - for skin, mind and mood - the oil was formulated to calm, rehydrate, decongest, brighten and spark renewed focus. I hope it eases your transition into shorter, colder days a little. A x #autumn #skincare #facialoil #autumnequinox

I am so excited to let you know that Exhale Daily Hydrating Nectar SPF30 has won the ‘Best Face Cream with SPF’ award in Psychologies’ The Real Natural Beauty & Wellness Awards 2018. The products are chosen by a panel of completely independent beauty insiders and all of their selections are 100% natural. I’m delighted that the Nectar sits amongst them as a winner! The Seasonal Facial Oils were also highly commended in the Face Oil section so we are having double celebrations here! We want to celebrate with you too so with all purchases of the Nectar between now and 30th September we will add in a luxury trial size of Restorative Cleansing Balm. Ax @psychologiesmagazine @eminerushton #realnaturalawards

Pollution is at its highest in the Summer months and the impact of Summer smog on our skin is increasingly noticeable. Air pollutants are amplified in warmer weather causing inflammation and a plethora of compromised skin conditions. The Pure Calm Cleansing Dew is my skin saviour when I come in from work, especially after a day of meetings in town. Formulated to target the effects of oxidative damage this unique blend of antioxidants, fatty acids and phytonutrients combine to deeply cleanse the skin, soothe signs of irritation and ready the cells for repair. As a Dew, the viscosity is delicate and lightweight but I promise you it is mighty in performance. It breaks down the days residue with intent to rid the skin of urban stress and reveal an altogether calmer complexion. I put it in the shower after my night-time cleanse ready for the morning - it’s equally as gorgeous an experience to start the day with, fuelling a natural luminosity that makes for a perfect base for the rest of your routine. As a little tip for the gentlemen, it also makes for a wonderful shaving oil - @demamielstableboy is always stealing mine. A x #skincare #antipollutionskincare

Of all the ingredients I work with, Marshmallow receives the most raised eyebrows and looks of disbelief, as your immediate thought is the soft, fluffy, sugar drenched sweet. As delicious as they are, it’s Marshmallow extract that makes it into the lab. Unlike its guilt laden namesake, Marshmallow extract is packed with antioxidants. Taken from the root of the Althea plant, the essence when combined with other essential oils calms, rejuvenates, moisturises and treats a host of compromised skin conditions. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory making it perfect for those with sensitive skin and a wonderful tonic in periods of extreme weather conditions. With a high percentage of mucilage – a thick, glue-like substance taken from plant roots that doesn’t sound all that desirable but it does wondrous things to the skin – it is intensely hydrating and softening. Marshmallow is a serious multitasker and for that reason, is used across a host of de Mamiel face and body product. What other ingredients known to be used in skincare do you find unusual? All this talk of Marshmallow has me thinking of other lab staples that often prompt questions… it also has me thinking about sweets, but we’ll try not to spend too much time on that. A x #ingredientsmatter #skincare

Whilst I regularly attempt two tasks at once (@demamielstableboy suggests this is sometimes three), I try to keep the time I spend eating dedicated to just that. We really must treasure the time we get to just eat - the loveliness of it aside, just eating in a relaxed, contented fashion is actually good for our health. A work or family meeting and lunch may seem a natural pairing, but if the topic is challenging or requires deep thought the attention we need to pay to how we are eating is diverted and our stomach goes into turmoil. Our energy, our Qi, moves in a downwards direction when we are digesting food, so if we rush or are doing something that is stressful whilst eating it tries to move up and in turn creates acidity in the stomach, making digestion a challenge. Eating in an environment free from distractions and taking your time with the meal, chewing it thoroughly, allows the brain enough time to send a signal that we are full, preventing us from overeating and complicating digestion further. In Traditional Chinese Medicine food is considered medicine and how we consume it and in what quantities is just as important as what we are eating - sit down, switch off and just enjoy. A x #timetoeat

I’m so excited to tell you that we have decided to make our luxury trial sizes, the gorgeous mini versions of our full size products, available to purchase just for the month of August. There are 8 in total - simply choose the smaller size on the product drop down menu on our website. I hope this gives you the opportunity to try a product you haven’t used before or you may wish to buy the travel-size version of a favourite to take away with you. Either way, I hope you enjoy using them! A x

I love everything about Lemons. How perfect an accompaniment they make to so many foods (and Gin and Tonic), their sharp, bright smell and the colour just radiates happiness. Top of my ‘why I love Lemons List’ (fictional, but it helps my explanation) is the oil that can be extracted from the peel of the fruit makes for a wonderful ingredient in skincare. Its exfoliating properties aid decongestion making it a wonderfully gentle treatment for oily or acne prone skin. Being naturally astringent it’s a welcome tool in the sticky Summer months when we feel as though we’re carrying an extra layer of skin from the days humidity. Two components in the oil, citric acid and limonene, help to repair pigmentation and discolouration, stimulating cell turnover and therefore leaving skin brighter as a result. In addition to their phytonutrient properties Lemons are one of the best sources of Vitamin C. I use Sicilian Lemon in both the Revitalising Body Serum and the Summer Oil. There is a saying in Italy that a Lemon can’t be a Lemon unless it’s Sicilian and I would have to agree, the quality is unquestionable. The somewhat volatile presence of Mount Etna has made for perfectly rich and fertile soil, giving the lemons grown in Sicily their unique, distinct taste. There are undoubtedly benefits that I’ve yet to discover harnessed inside this potent fruit… a research trip to the Amalfi Coast perhaps? A x #ingredientsmatter #skincare

Altitude Oil was formulated after the umpteenth time of my complaining about that foggy headed feeling you get when coming off a plane, stumbling through arrivals with your head feeling like mash potato and then it lingers for some time afterwards. The environment on a plane, or indeed most forms of transportation when on board for long periods of time, is so insular I find myself craving fresh air. Altitude Oil is packed with citrus and wood based oils like Eucalyptus, Fragonia and Peppermint and is both bright and invigorating, designed to give an instant burst of clarity and calm when that heady cloud descends. Fragonia has been the recipient of much acclaim in recent months owing to its powerful balancing ability, particularly in times when the body has been interrupted in time and environment this oil aids the reset of our day/night rhythm. Underpinned with ingredients such as Patchouli to offer a sense of grounding, Altitude Oil is somewhat of a saviour for me when travelling and in those moments when my mind needs a little rejig and regroup and quite literally forces me to take a breath. Being naturally antibacterial the oil can be used for a multitude of things in addition to the support it offers when travelling. For example, I combine a little of the oil with a nugget of Brightening Cleanse and Exfoliate to swiftly eliminate any spots that arise and it’s a wonderful tool to combat the effects of hay-fever and bouts of sinusitis that are often prevalent at the farm. You’ll often find @demamielstableboy rolling his eyes at me as I dispense Altitude Oil for all manner of ailments. I don’t think a week passes when I’m not alerted to another use for the oil - just when I think the list of what Altitude Oil can be used for is complete, I find or someone tells me of another. How do you use your Altitude Oil? All tips and tricks are welcome. A x #travelmusthave #skincaremultitasker #altitudeoil

Whenever time allows you’ll find me reading, either looking for something specific or in full exploratory mode. It’s a necessity with what I do but I can’t say I don’t thoroughly enjoy it. Over the years I’ve built quite the library of go to books to aid my research, many are encyclopaedic hubs of all things ingredients and the like and then there’s the handful that have unearthed a snippet of information that has proved invaluable. Discovering the ‘Japanese Skincare Revolution’ by Chizu Saeki recently provided one of these precious gems, a technique that I have since incorporated into my daily routine. Rather than spritzing the Dewy Facial Mist all over my face I spritz into my hands and then press the essence into my skin. The Mist formulation is akin to a serum with its high concentration of antioxidants and phytonutrients so this technique allows more of the product to be absorbed, increasing the dewy, plump appearance and enhancing the anti-inflammatory properties that target environmental stressors. Whilst I still love the refreshing burst of hydration the mist gives me with top up sprays throughout the day, this method allows all the goodness a little more time on the skin to further enhance its performance. It seems so simple, doesn’t it? I’ve likely done it hundreds of times without thinking about it but now I’ve seen such a difference in my skin I’m in for the long term. Try it, you’ll thank me for the hydration booster in this blistering sun. The book is also a worthy read if you’ve time under a beach umbrella coming up. A x #skincare #summerskin #japaneseskincare

The word ‘stress’ holds so many connotations. I’ve spoken briefly before about needing stress and how a level of stress helps to get things done. However, when it escalates and becomes chronic, it has a profound effect on our wellbeing at every level. Working on treatments and formulas that aid how we respond to stress is at the core of everything I do. It’s my purpose as a therapist, to determine how stress manifests itself in the body and in turn create tools that help us steer our response to it, rather than allowing it to govern. I will be talking about stress a lot in the coming months, introducing you to a project I’ve spent all my years as a therapist planning, refining, restarting, refining again….. I’ll be asking you for your thoughts as we delve into the many pathways of stress, as your feedback and experience is invaluable to what I do. So, to kick start, I’d like to ask you what you do to relieve stress. Something I work on with every patient is the breath; controlling it to instil calm when you feel in full fight or flight mode is the most valuable tool we have to settle feelings of stress. What do you do for a moment of calm? I’d love to hear from you. A x #letstalkaboutstress #skincare

The Revitalising Body Serum is my little bottle of sunshine. A bright, rosey infusion of colour and aroma with clear citrus, I feel immediately uplifted when applying it. It’s a nutrient-rich blend of oils that work hard to repair and nourish dehydrated skin. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins (C, D, E & K), essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, and beta carotine. Beta carotine is a precursor that allows the body to produce vitamin A, it also causes the sunset orange colour. Actives including Kukui Nut combine with oils such as Sea Buckthorn and Boabab Seed to treat, calm and soften the skin, whilst increasing elasticity and reducing inflammation – aiding cell repair that’s much needed after a long Winter cocooned in warm clothing and central heating. I included Mica powder as a bit of fun to give the serum a beautiful golden hue that when applied to the skin gives instant luminosity. There is something about the colour gold in Summer. The way it catches the light, the warmth it represents and when it glimmers in the daylight it radiates an air of playfulness that depicts the season. The oil can be used all year round, but that golden glow is perfect for this seasons frivolity. A x #skincare #summerskin #bodyoil

Cucumber is a staple item in most fridges, particularly in Summer. It may appear unassuming and fairly basic, but it is bursting with health benefits, is a powerful antioxidant and a staple ingredient in my lab. I use Cucumber in Brightening Cleanse and Exfoliate and Dewy Facial Mist owing to its high levels of vitamins, polyphenols, tannins and multitude of phytonutrients. Internally it hydrates, eases digestion, fights inflammation in the body… the list is endless. Containing Vitamin C and Caffeic Acid this anti-inflammatory support is mirrored on the skin, with both Cucumber Powder and Extract cooling and soothing irritations. Cucumber also contains Polysaccharides, molecules that create a gel like layer on your skin, that act as a barrier to attract and lock in moisture. Being naturally astringent, it is wonderful for maintaining balance in oily skin and with high B5 content, aids the appearance of acne. The well known use of sliced cucumbers on the eyes is no gimmick - the Vitamin C also decreases water retention so genuinely helps with puffiness. I could go on, but I feel I’ve made a good case for the humble Cucumber to be considered a high performing skincare ingredient. A x #ingredientsmatter #skincare #cucumber #summerskin

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