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One of my favourite things about Summer is outdoor dining. Sitting around the table with family and friends late into the night, the sun gradually ebbing away but still gifting us warmth and hazy light - it’s utter perfection. This won’t be news to you, but colourful salads are a wonderful source of nutrition at this time of year. Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends eating seasonally as our internal clock (circadian rhythm) has an affinity with the natural cycles. In Winter, we crave foods that cocoon and help us keep warm, whereas being more active in Summer our bodies need to stay cool from the heat. It’s not uncommon to put on a little weight as we semi hibernate in the colder months, which makes seasonal fruit and vegetables in Summer doubly useful as they not only cool but are easily digested; helping to shift that Winter insulation. Whilst we enjoy these elevated temperatures, our water levels are depleting so replenish with foods of high water content like cucumber and watermelon. Combining them with feta and basil will give you a salad packed full of vitamins A, B6 and C, lots of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids. Feta is also great for tryptophan (hello good nights’ sleep) and because it’s such a strong flavour a little goes a long way. Now that I’ve made myself hungry, I’m off to find @demamielstableboy to get working in the kitchen. A x #summereating #summer

I am eagerly awaiting a forecasted week of sunshine and comfortably warm temperatures at the farm. I am forever reciting the SPF mantra, but perhaps a little louder on these brighter days when we are enticed into walking to work and outside lunches. A good SPF isn’t defined by the factor alone, it needs to offer broad spectrum UVA protection to ensure your skin is shielded from A and B rays. It’s also important to note that there are two variants of sunscreen: chemical and physical. Chemical sunscreen protects against the suns’ rays by absorbing them, converting them into heat and then the skin releases them. A physical sunscreen provides an immediate barrier and acts like a mirror, reflecting away the suns’ rays. Whilst both offer good levels of sun protection, a chemical sunscreen contains ingredients that need to be absorbed by the skin to work and can cause irritation, whereas physical sunscreen doesn’t penetrate the skin at this level. It might seem complicated, but in essence you are looking for a factor of at least 30, a marker or description that confirms high UVA protection and it would be my recommendation to choose a mineral, physical option. Our Daily Hydrating Nectar provides all three markers, using mineral Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide to provide factor 30, physical and broad-spectrum UVA protection. What I love most about the Nectar is its breathable consistency; I never feel like I’m wearing anything but I know it’s providing my skin the optimum shield so I can enjoy these glorious sunny days. Wherever you are in the world, be mindful that even in cooler temperatures or behind cloud the sun is very much still there. In fact, the rays that cause premature ageing of the skin – A rays – remain at the same level of strength all year round, regardless of the weather. If you haven’t already, slip an SPF into your daily routine and please let it stay there. A x #spf #sunscreen #skincare

Having spent the last few weeks in a busy hive of time zones and events, the arrival of the Summer Solstice has taken me a little by surprise. Whilst from today the days will subtly grow shorter, for many this time of year marks the start of Summer. If you haven’t already, it’s important to adjust your skincare routine as we spend more time outside basking in the sunshine. Sun exposure (cue SPF reminder!) can cause elevated levels of cell damage, trigger redness and inflammation and with pollution at its highest, our skin is battling a host of physical and environmental stress. The Summer Oil is full of antioxidants and phytonutrients to decongest and soothe inflamed skin. Ingredients such as Prickly Pear, Pomegranate, Echium and Gamma Linolenic Acid work to calm and rebalance the skin post-sun, treating the sensitivities typical of the season. This year’s blend also contains Tamanu, an oil brimming with omega fatty acids and is renowned for its ability to accelerate healthy cell growth and heal compromised skin, making it a perfect antidote to Summer heat. I often see people avoiding oils in the Summer, thinking they are too heavy, accentuating the humidity. In actual fact, after a deep cleanse to remove the sticky excess of Summer, a light, tailored oil is a much-needed tonic. The word Solstice derives from Latin roots meaning ‘the sun stands still’. Take this opportunity to pause and bathe in the joy of the season. There are plenty of sun-drenched, lazy days left to be had. A x #summer #skincare #summersolstice

Aromatherapy is inherently, in both name and purpose, centred on smell and the capabilities of aromatic compounds or essential oils on physical and physiological wellbeing. Once inhaled, essential oils travel through the nose and the aromatic molecules are carried through the lining of the nasal cavity via tiny olfactory nerves very quickly, to the part of the brain called the limbic system, commonly known as the ‘emotional brain’. The limbic system is like the conductor of an orchestra, coordinating those parts of the brain that control heart rate, breathing, memory, stress levels, blood pressure and hormone balance. Knowing this helps us understand why certain smells have such an impact on our emotions and responses. Imagine for a moment, the smell of something you love – a person, a place, something you eat – the smell transports you, awakening a memory or association instantaneously. These immediate reactions occur owing to the speed at which the oil has travelled through the blood/brain barrier from the olfactory bulb and altered our brain chemistry. The way the body is able to respond to a stimulus in this way, evoking hundreds of reactions along the way is amazing. There is a common misconception that essential oils ‘just smell nice’ when in reality, upon inhalation they are able to balance hormone levels, alleviate emotional tension and provide all round support to healthy limbic system function. Their ability to effect and alter deep rooted cellular imbalances offers me ingredients of unparalleled performance when formulating skincare. A x #aromatherapy #skincare #aromatherapyweek

When it comes to Prickly Pear oil, there can be no truer statement than ‘never judge a book by its cover’. This tough, spine covered cactus, which survives in the harshest of climates, has a myriad of benefits for our delicate skin. It is the seeds of the plant that are used in our skincare. They are pressed to obtain this precious oil, which is graded, in much the same way as that from olives. Our Prickly Pear oil is purchased direct from source in Morocco and is organic extra virgin, making it the purest and most nutrient dense, and therefore the most effective for skin, as this is the highest grade available. Whilst the extraction method required to obtain oil from the seeds of the cactus is lengthy (it takes 30 kilos of seeds to make 1 litre of the oil) and costly, quality Prickly Pear oil is rich, deeply nourishing and offers an unparalleled level of cell protection. The oil boasts large quantities of Linoleic Acid, a powerhouse fatty acid the body is unable to produce itself that hydrates and plumps the skin and Vitamin E, which protects against the effects of environmental oxidative stress. It contains particularly high levels of phytosterols which have the ability to bind water within the skin, thus increasing hydration and cellular function. They can additionally stimulate new collagen production which naturally depletes as you get older. Prickly Pear oil is one of the first ingredients I used when developing de Mamiel skincare and one I continuously find myself drawn back to due to its adaptability and consistently effective results on the skin. As a result, it is a foundation in many of our products and an ingredient that I am sure will continue to play a starring role in future formulations. A x #skincare #pricklypear

Well team @goop, what an incredible weekend that was. A huge thank you to every single person at #ingoophealth - it was perfect from start to finish and I feel humbled to have been a part of it. My upmost respect and thanks to @gwynethpaltrow for having the vision and courage to create such a beacon for health and wellbeing - @goop is truly iconic in its message and offering. A x #ingoophealth #goop #wellbeing #skincare

Today marks the start of me being here in LA with @goop for #ingoophealth. I’m so excited to be talking about wellness with so many experts from different fields. I will be bringing my treatment to Malibu today and sharing de Mamiel skincare knowledge at the summit tomorrow. I will be sharing some behind the scenes photos on my stories over the next couple of days. A x

Sustainability is something I am asked more and more about and is a subject very close to my heart - having sailed around the corners of the globe with @demamielstableboy and had the privilege of seeing the spectacular pristine beauty of the oceans first hand, the more recent images of the manmade asphyxiation of this watery paradise and its inhabitants is deeply upsetting. At the farm we are continually looking at ways we can improve our packaging and of course the use of glass was largely driven by its recyclability. For me however sustainability is a much bigger story and is something I try to touch on in all elements of de Mamiel. In creating the products for example, this means tracing the provenance of each individual component, ensuring it comes from a sustainable source. We purchase many ingredients from Co-ops that support the development of increasing the yield of plants, which is better for both the farmer and the land. I was so proud that our efforts in this field were recognised with an IE Award for Sustainability in the Premium and Luxury Sectors. We are also a member of the RESP (Responsible Eco Sourcing Platforms) in which we work to help inspire behaviourial changes towards a sustainable lifestyle, creating long-term positive environmental, social and economic impacts within the cosmetics, fashion and jewellery industries. As with everything I do, I constantly strive to improve our efforts further and will continue to work on giving as much back to nature as I possibly can. A x #consciousbeauty

How many of you are familiar with that anxious feeling you get in your tummy when something is playing on your mind? A thought that has such a governing effect on your mind it’s all consuming and the impact on your body is just as disruptive. This feeling is not a superficial consequence of a whirling brain, there is a direct link between the way we digest our thoughts and physical digestion in our gut. Often referred to as our ‘second brain’ the gut is home to a mass of good and bad bacteria known as microbiome that, when out of balance, can impact our digestion, mood and overall wellbeing. When off balance, production of neurotransmitters such as the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin slows and in turn, dials up our anxiety levels. Soothe from the Sleep Series directly targets this source of anxiety – that deep churning feeling that keeps us awake, tossing and turning. A calming tonic of oils such as Jasmine, Neroli, Mandarin, Mont Blanc Lavender and the heroic Ginger oil, famed for its tummy settling warmth blended with the signature Sleep Series base oil combine to treat inner turmoil and lull the mind into a more peaceful state. With the gut playing such a vital role in our emotional and physical health, I formulated a product that cushions the impact when these tempestuous thoughts take control, bringing our energy down from our mind to our body. Whilst use of the oil won’t necessarily dispel the thought completely, it will induce a sense of composure that allows the brain to make peace with it. A x #sleep #skincare

Thank you @thedanielsandler for your lovely comments. A x #Repost @thedanielsandler with @get_repost
Having generally had bad experiences with face oils that eventually cause breakouts after a few days use, its wonderful to find an oil-based cleanser that hasn’t. After a single cleanse and a hot cloth my skin feels clean and smooth and isnt left with too much residue. And what a sensory pleasure too, the citrus aroma is refreshing & uplifting. Oil balms are great at attracting sebum that clogs pores. I follow on with an old fave moisturiser and my skin feels extra soft in the morn. Well done @demamielskin . Restorative Cleansing Balm. (gifted)
my other fave is the Collagen Cleanser from @collinresultime thats a moisturising cream formula thats also great for my dry-ish skin

When we talk about Lavender the most common thought is the image of vast lavender fields and that unmistakable smell. Lavender is a widely used ingredient in cosmetics, most prevalently in products designed to have a calming effect on the skin and mind. This sedative quality tends to be the principle description for the plant, however it is capable of so much more. There can be over 200 chemical constituents in Lavender oil, all of which vary enormously depending on where they are grown. Climate, altitude, harvest and extraction methods... all effect the constituent makeup of the plant, altering their chemistry to offer different capabilities when formulating a product. I use eight variations of true Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) across the range, sourced from New Zealand, Kashmir, Australia, England and France much to @demamielstableboy’s dismay (it is no mean feat working with farmers across multiple time zones). As an example, the Lavender used in my Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir was chosen for its impact on inflammation and antioxidant potency. Owing to the activity of principal components Linalool and Linalyl Acetate within the Lavender, the ingredient contributes to the serums unparalleled ability to repair inflamed skin and restore elasticity. I choose every ingredient with this level of consideration and depth. The multitude of chemical constituents found in essential oils present a wealth of opportunity to maximise efficacy across the products. Investigating as many of these opportunities as I am able is all a part of the process to get results. A x #nostoneunturned #skincare

Despite our best efforts or intentions, there will be nights where sleep evades us. When we wake in the morning feeling like a fog has rested itself over our entire body and rendered us incapable of doing anything bar drinking coffee and hoping for the best. That feeling of exhaustion when faced with the day ahead (and it’s not on a beach) is almost torturous and that’s why alongside the Sleep blends, I formulated the Awake duo Rise and Shine – to help us recover ground and stabilize the effects of a bad nights sleep. Rise and Shine are both to be used throughout the day and both as pick me ups to combat fatigue and get us moving but what makes them distinctly different is the goal they are designed to meet. Rise is designed to treat the level of exhaustion that makes us ache and leaves us feeling vulnerable. It contains an abundance of uplifting oils such as Cypress, Lemon, Cedarwood and Rosewood, blended together to boost circulation, unlock your core energy reserve and bring about a feeling of ease. Together with Rosemary and Spearmint, that aid the process of re-grounding by renewing mental energy and increasing concentration, this blend bolsters those of us who are bone tired. Shine has a somewhat more frivolous (but much needed) intention. When a night’s sleep leaves you groggy and muted, Shine breaks through the stagnant energy to lift your spirit and quite simply, make you smile. It’s a fizzy blend of oils such as Green Mandarin, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Petit Grain that are bright and vivacious. Just talking about Shine makes me smile, but I assure you I love and need them both - often in equal measure. A x #sleep #riseandshine #skincare

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