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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The netherlands.🇳🇱❤️  Life is too cruel. [season and episode is always in the edit, not gonna answer that in the comments anymore.] ❤️


#standbysomereed ❤️ people really need to stop twisting story's! Nikki knew about the whole birthcontrol getting away thing, and if she didnt want a baby she could get knew ones. They make it very clear that they talked about this. Always supporting my baby's ❤️ Unbelievably proud at my beautiful celebs ❤️ love you ❤️

Look at this extremely beautiful women, who deserves much more than the hate she gets about her recent looks. Guys, stop complaining about how she looks, how she does her makeup and stop telling her she looks old or stop asking if she's on drugs, because she isn't looking old, she isn't on drugs, she is absolutely gorgeous 😍 if you don't like what she wears, fine. But don't be freaking mean about it, she didn't ask for your opinion. Support our queen in everything she does, and don't just be her fan because of her looks. Nina is beautiful no matter what she wears, if she wears makeup or not she IS beautiful from the inside as she is from the outside . Stop calling yourself a dobrevic while all you do is bring her down and call her names. Call yourself a dobrevic when you support her, no matter what. ❤️ #weloveyounina
OH, and also.... stop being mean to @riawna for cutting Nina her hair. If nina didn't want it to be cut, RiRi wouldn't do it. 😉

Yesss, I'm gonna take a little break. I can't really keep this account going atm, I just started college and I really need to handle with all the changes so I'm gone for just a little while, I will come back ofcourse! Idk if my co owner Nina will post here, I would understand if she doesn't because I'm a shitty co owner at her account and I never edit for her anymore. Sorry babe @hauntediaries 😘 please understand my decision and know that I'm always available on dm if you ever wanna talk ❤️

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