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Delvaux  Since 1829. The oldest fine leather goods house in the world. Warrant holder to the Royal Court of Belgium.

@Lizzzuy can't help but fly high with the Tempête Papillon. #Since1829

Take a closer look at the unique method used to create the hand-painted butterfly motif adorning the Tempête Papillon. Discover more on (link in bio). #Since1829

A 150-piece limited edition, the Tempête Papillon is both a work of art and a state-of-the-art creation. See more on (link in bio). #Since1829

Coming soon in celebration of the Tempête's 50th anniversary: the Tempête Papillon. #Since1829

Spotted: the Tempête Mini in Alligator Libellule gracing the arm of @marie_elle_be. #DelvauxSS17

Initially tinted in Indigo, the skin between the scales is then treated with turquoise pigments before a final touch of gold is applied. The result: a jewel-like finish now known as Alligator Libellule. #DelvauxSS17

Unique to the #DelvauxSS17 collection, the Alligator Libellule finish on our Brillant Mini and Tempête Mini radiates subtle colour effects created by an innovative artisanal process.

With the Mutin Mini you don't have to be big to make a big statement. Head over to now to see @Sarah_nait's and all the other Mutin Mini looks (link in bio). #DelvauxSS17

@SylviaHaghjoo knows that small is beautiful - discover the many looks of the Mutin Mini now on (link in bio). #DelvauxSS17

The Mutin Mini doesn't have to choose between smart and casual. See @CamilleCharriere style hers now on (link in bio). #DelvauxSS17

This is not an Illusion... the Madame Mini steps out this season with a fresh new look. #DelvauxSS17

Le Mutin Mini is effortlessly cool in the hands of @OracleFox. Head to now to learn more about the Mutin Mini (link in bio). #DelvauxSS17

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