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Delu  Welcome everyone! Thank you for dropping by my page c: I love to art (lol) and take pictures of food/irl stuff ❤️

Oof! Hi everyone ✨✨✨ Sorry the big hiatus but I been so busy with school which I’m loving and dreading at the same time but ya gotta work hard right? 👌🏼 I hope you’re having a fantastic week! Stay awesome☀️

Best bday dinner ever for the best dad ever! 🍹🥂🍾🎊🎉🎊🎉 Happy Birthday, Dad! Love you lots 🎈❤️

AX was so fun this year! ( despite the amount of weird moments but w/e ) I visited the Artist Alley a couple of times and stopped by the art senpais! ( I’m not sure whose booth I stopped by on the last two so I’m sorry;; ) Thank you to all these wonderful and kind folks! It was a pleasure purchasing your treasures~ If anyone knows the artist responsible for the Bakugo and Tooru charm, can you please comment below so I can credit them properly?;;

Amazing Pre Night so far ( even though I was mostly awkward lol;; ) God I missed this event and the energy it has. I cosplayed as my persona! ( Surprise Surprise ) 🔫

Got my hair cut 🙏🏼 and styled ✨✨✨ again! ( I’m a sheep dog for real 😂 ) Thanks @glasshair for being super awesome like yasss 🌈🌟🌟

D’awewweweeeeeeeww!!! Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes! I’m so touched 💦💦💦💦 I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Thank you so much again!!! ( I feel old lol )

Love children time! Younger versions of @c8yen ‘s smol girl and boy, Clementine and Tangerine with their angel mama, Wolley 🙏🏼✨✨

❗️ What’s this?!?!? New OCs?!?! BLASPHEMY! But yes, new twin ocs! Sorry for the dead art activity, art block can be so cruel. </3

Mom’s homemade sushi ✨✨✨ Yum yum!

Spent the whole day with my family ✨✨❤️ And even went to a concert with Mom! The seats was so close too 😲 I’m exhausted but I’m relieved to say that today became a memorable day 🌹

It’s been awhile since I’ve gone out for dinner and tonight was amazing! ❤️ What a great way to end the week 🍣🍚🍶🥃

( Repost ) Here’s some random doodles! ✨✨✨✨ Sorry the nya wasn’t showing so yE!

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