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Alex Benetel  🇦🇺 Sydney, Australia ☀️ 📚 Teacher 📷 Photographer // Rogue One + A Wrinkle In Time 🌿 Explorer, Dreamer + TV Addict 💌

“Blue sea” (2018)

Thank you for all of the love on my last photo. Here’s something I took earlier on in the year during one of the most magical mornings ever! The fog is absolutely real. I’d choose fog every time for a shoot, what would you choose?

“Woe amongst the thorns” [1/10]

So as I hinted two days ago, I am super honoured to be taking part in a new group project created by @liisahole. For those who aren’t aware, my photography journey began on @flickr back in 2009. It’s where I discovered self portraiture and fine art photography. There was such a strong community back then, a community of teenagers who all shared a passion for photography. We want to reignite that passion and dive into something challenging and new. Every 2 weeks, each of us (@liisahole @havardhole @savannahdaras @laurazalenga @janastormanns @cbenetel @brittjuravich @sopheggert @spiderthan) will challenge another to re-create an older self portrait dated back 2013 or earlier. It’s a way for us to see how far we’ve come as artists and how we’d interpret the concept today 😊

So, I had my good friend @brittjuravich who I have known since those early Flickr days and have been luckily enough to meet since then pick my first photo. I was so, so happy to see “mourning her Romeo” pop up because it’s one photo of mine that I still think about and look at regularly. The original concept was to create a world in which Juliet chose not to take her own life after Romeo.
The original piece is so important to me because it marked a moment in time where I had a bit of an epiphany (which I go on to explain in a super long description on Flickr hah). It was the moment when I decided I was going to create. I was going to be an artist that created worlds and concepts... an artist that told a story. I was so proud of how it turned out and still to this day, love the photograph. So, I didn’t stray too far away from what was originally created but just added in some differences. I was so close to posting the sunset sky which so many of you recommended - don’t worry I agreed... right up until yesterday when I took time to really look at the clouds and realised that was the way to go as after all, I am referencing a great tragedy.
If you want to join our challenge and have an old self portrait of yours you’d want to recreate with a new perspective, please do! Make sure to use our hashtag #StillFlickring so we can check it out :) xx 💙💗

“The rose garden” 🥀 Happy long weekend to those having one! The weather has been so cold lately and I’m still getting over quite the flu. Looking forward to some down time though! I took this just after New Years and am finally happy with it. A new palette for me, but glad to bring some dark vibes back. Also, thank you everyone who is currently making what seems an impossible decision over on my story. Getting quite a lot of feedback. Have to say, I still have no idea which way to take the photo but I’ll be flicking back and forth until Monday 😂 Make sure to come back and see the final result. Before/After of this will be up on my stories soon! ✨

“Sea of daffodils” 🌼 Super surprised to see most of you vote for seeing travel photographs, despite the fact that my conceptual self portraits do better on here! Love it though. Thought I’d combine the two options and post a conceptual self portrait I took whilst travelling in London last month. I challenged myself to shoot in direct sunlight which I usually avoid doing. Surprisingly pleased by the result! Thanks to my brother @cbenetel for assisting! 😊 Anyone else getting “Big Fish” and Ewan McGregor vibes here? 🎞🎥🎬 #ps_warmtones #prettylittlelondon @nikonaustralia @nikonusa @prettycitylondon

Congratulations to Meghan and Harry! ♥️ How stunning did they both look? 💍 Super lucky to have visited Windsor Castle and St George’s Chapel last month. Such a beautiful place full of history - incredible. Did you watch the wedding?!! 👸🏻🤴🏼 Full image of the first photo up on my story! #RoyalWedding

May the FOURTH Be With You 💫 Taken on the set of Rogue One. More photos on my Instagram story! #StarWarsDay

Officially arrived back home after another solo adventure across the other side of the world. Always lovely to have others waiting for you on the other side to help make exploring that much more fun! Thank you London for being so wonderful, I’ve definitely missed all that your city and surrounding areas have to offer. I think my body is finally starting to adjust time wise, but I still give it a couple of days. You guys asked for both landscapes and portraits so here we go! 🇬🇧 @prettylittlelondon @prettycitylondon @visitengland #VisitEngland

One of my favourite things to do each time I visit London is to walk along the bridge in front of Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. The construction did take away a little of the magic, but it just means I’ll have to come back. Thank you to @cbenetel for capturing this beautiful and spontaneous moment 🇬🇧 #WHPwildthing @instagram

“Hereafter” (2015)

Visited this place again after two and a half years and it was just as magical as I had remembered. Can’t wait to work on some of the photos I took. Any recommendations of what I should see/do in London whilst I’m here? 😊

I’d love to hear interpretations of this new piece. It’s got layers of meanings for me, which I’ve decided to keep to myself for now. In other news, I’ve had a crazy, incredible day in London and am finding the foggy, cloudy weather super inspiring. Looking forward to shooting new concepts while I’m here. P.S. thanks for all of the love on my last photos - you guys rock! ♥️

New leaf 🍁 Hi guys! It’s been a little while, how are you?? Last month I took some self portraits at sunset in one of my favourite dresses which I haven’t done in so, so long. I can’t tell you how good it felt! Excited to set aside some time for more moments like this.

@wrinkleintime is finally out in Australia!! Can’t wait to see it👏🏻🎉 Thank you all so much for your support throughout the release of my set photos. It was an absolutely magical experience ✨

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