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Gabbi  📍Saint Louis 📍York 🇺🇸 former expat 🇬🇧 ✨ Positivity Blogger 👜 @yorkfashionweek ambassador 💻 MOST RECENT BLOG POST :

As the weather gets warmer, I’m reminiscing about the day that I was living my best fake Parisian lifestyle in high waisted trousers, black turtles necks, silk scarves, and (not so) casually carrying a baguette. 🥰

Been so so busy this week, but it’s always nice to relax with a latte and grilled French toast from @russellsstl! 🍴☕️

Yesterday was a day of self care! ⁣♥️

I recently made a list of things that make me happy. And Monday night was an emotional rollercoaster, so I was so so thankful for the lovely gals at @stl_salonandspa for making my Tuesday so incredible. (And honestly, they make every day at work so much fun!)⁣

To improve my mood on Tuesday, I:⁣
• wore one of my favourite dresses from @seasaltcornwall
• picked up a sweet peach tea from @mcalistersdeli
• got a gel manicure with the wonderful Natalya⁣
• had the incredible @belleza_bikini colour and cut my hair⁣
• spent time with my youngest sister⁣
• FaceTimed with one of my best friends ⁣

I understand that self care is super personal, and obviously most of these are temporary mood boosters. But I thought that I’d be transparent with y’all about when I have hard days and how I try and stay positive. And I do that through taking care of me before approaching anything stressful. ⁣

Have an absolute wonderful week, y’all, and make sure to take some time to take care of you xx⁣

Sunny days are the perfect excuse to bring out this cotton structured skirt from @seasaltcornwall and just pair it with a simple white tee and white trainers. ⁣

It may be cloudy and rainy today, but there was some gorgeous sunshine recently in Saint Louis. ⁣

Hopefully the rain stays off long enough for the Cardinals’ home opener today. GO CARDS ♥️ @cardinals

Rainy days are for jumping in puddles and wearing @seasaltcornwall ☔️💙

Maybe some day I’ll have made a proper preset for my photos, but until then — I’ll keep asking y’all which you like better lol ⁣

I also found these high waisted mom jeans at target and I think I’m obsessed??? 🥰

In case you didn’t believe that my life back in STL is different front York — here’s a photo of me in LEGGINGS and TRAINERS. ⁣😱

Like honestly, one of the only times that I really remember wearing trainers and leggings in town was when I had to run to the library to get some books and was stupidly hungover after celebrating Laura’s (@eves_forest) graduation the night before. I ran into her and met her lovely parents, who commented that I was quiet. But Laura sorted that out quickly and let them know that I definitely drank too much the evening before because people usually don’t describe me as quiet.


Did you know that @seasaltcornwall comes out with a new collection every single month?⁣

Click the link in my bio to see my picks from the new March collection, my styling tips for these items, what I think everyone needs to add to their spring wardrobe, and how I’m intending to be #wearingseasalt. ⁣

(Also I’m really, really missing my Seasalt family in the York store today!!!)

Sundays are for brunching. ☕️🍽⁣

While this morning was spent making pancakes with my sister and dancing to Mamma Mia, I’m always looking for amazing new cafes. And @russellsstl was a great find. ⁣

STL friends, let me know where else I should try! And York pals, want a list of my favourites?


It’s #WorldBookDay in the U.K. and I’m celebrating here in the States with a bit of light reading on Beethoven and sharing with you all my newest blog post!⁣

In case anyone didn’t know, back in late January, I graduated from the University of York with a Masters in Medieval Studies.⁣

While I’ve certainly learned a lot from books over the years, here are a handful of lessons that I didn’t learn from books during my time in York.

I’m currently working on re-falling in love with my hometown and with my life here stateside. ⁣

Thankfully, I’ve got some incredible people helping me accomplish that both here and abroad. ⁣

So thanks, pals, for teaching me more about STL, for listening to me, for always knowing what to say, and helping me make the most of everything. ⁣

(Although even I must admit that it *IS* a bit strange to thank friends with a photo of just me. But there are too many of you that I’d want to properly thank, so sorry for another smiley photo of just me.)

Had some much needed time catching up with good friends in Chicago.
It was also super lovely to be back in a place where I’ve always felt super supported both academically and personally. It even made me consider going forward with getting a PhD, but we’ll see. 🧐

On another random side note: I can’t determine how I want to edit my photos so comment and let me know what you think!

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