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Delia Rae  Sisterlock Trainee• Deva Curl Inspired• Jades Hair Envy

Who else needs their Sisterlocks retightened?🙋🏽‍♀️ •

Call 518-250-5596 or
Text 518-956-0978

She was over it too😂 #shorthairdontcare

When you start only wearing your curls in a bun, it’s time for a change😁✂️

Instead of using 136,489,000 hair pins, we used thread to secure her style.

t i n n i e t i n y

r e d
s h a d o w r o o t

i n t e r l o c k
r e t i g h e n i n g

a n g l e d

T•R•I•M -Sometimes just a trim is needed.

Products used: -Buildup Buster - One Condition/ Melt Into Moisture Cocktail under the dryer for 30mins
- Supercream & Ultra Defining Gel for stylers ✨For all the 4b/4c Queens✨

T r a n s f o r m a t i o n • These curls suffered from improper use of heat. But I’m proud of Tierra for recognizing the problem and coming to get a Deva Cut @devacurl •She stopped using heat 6 months ago, and I was able to cut off most of the damaged ends, setting free her beautiful curls😊 •A couple months for her texture to be 100% recovered, but we’re on our way!

P a t i e n c e I s K e y •Products used: - Buildup Buster to cleanse - One Condition Decadence/ Melt into Moisture/ Deep Sea Repair Cocktail as a treatment for 30mins under hooded dryer -Supercream/ Ultra Defining Gel was raked through curls with fingers on soaking wet hair for maximum definition.

Between the left photo and the right photo. Notice the locs have thickened and are more compact. We started with Palm Roll method and switched over to interlocking about a year ago. Both can methods can produce healthy locs.
Pa t i c e n c e

K e y

S•W•I•P•E To see how these small interlocks are maturing🙌

It’s a

Hand Painted 🎨

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