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Delfin Valerio  SD - SJ Q50 If she ain’t got cellulite. It ain’t right

I’m done with cars. Smh. Where the ABG models @???? Meisters or ESRs? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Free Andrew, I owe you that swig #FreeAndrew only pic I had of us 😂. Real niggas only.

Happy C-day to the homie Jiggles From Tha Blocc 😂😂😂😂😂

Minor setback for a major comeback. No more car shit til I finish my tatts and school 😂 #q5060fb

As you get older you mature more, and you learn to bury the hatchet. Happy bday to Pnut the donkey, got the squad back. Don’t put the three short Filipinos together or it’s bad, and Raise your hand though if you’re under 5’5 and you got all your teeth #B5niggas #4deepnosleep #PnutTheDonkey #kermitthemidgetspinner

If you ladies wanna be hella ABG and shit with some fleek ass eye lashes and model for the next upcoming car show, or just want lash extensions.. 😂 Go holla at @lashedbychelsz she’ll get your lashes looking right #lashedbychelsz

All I post is my land yacht #BoatBoyz

When you're about to rob the pekking duck restaurant but you keep making fun of the driver #TBT

A clean car just means it's gonna get dirty the next day. Can I hang with the lip to fender boys? Gotta reup on that gunplay banner too 😂

It's car show season, but am I show car worthy 🤔🤔 📸: @ryan_f3

I just wanna be like the cool guys on YouTube 😂😂😂😂

That's that 🔥
PC- @ryan_f3

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