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Delaney Hardy  22, Columbus / Let’s do what we love and do a lot of it /

2 posts in 1 day, but who’s tracking? A picture that represents this trip well with nothing, but pure happiness, rain, and wind.

St. Barbara’s Ball 2018 and the best man, what’s better than this?

HAPPY HUMP DAY, but it wasn’t 🍑 day. We’re doing way back Wednesday, May of 2017 ➡️ to now. Someone tell me why I thought I had actual muscle in the second pic.. anyway, happy Wednesday y’all, make it great!!

Out here uploading the same pics and whatnot. It’s 2018, do we really care?? First goal I set for myself is self love. I need it. I need confidence. I need to walk around with my head held high. I need to stop judging myself. We are our own worst critics!! .
. . Second goal: get some abs. I just love peanut butter too much, it’s hard!! Have you set some goals for the new year?? It’s never too late to start!

New gym calls for a selfie right? Absolutely. Long post cut short, but I AM H A P P Y. Life seems to be slowly falling into place and everyone I have in it right now has contributed to my happiness and I’m sure y’all know who you are. Let’s kick this weeks ass 💪🏼

Swipe to see some growth ➡️ July of 2016 when I thought I knew how to workout and eat somewhat decent to January of 2018. Could my booty be bigger? Absolutely. Why is it not? Because I wasn’t doing the proper workout routines, training glutes like I thought I was, and eating what I should be versus what I wanted or thought was good. I always thought I had a butt, but I can now see I was wrong 😂 high quality pics brought to you by my iPhone!!

• we’ve still got some work to do. All credits to @kaylinpyles

2018 started with a few surprises, glad to have you as one of them 💕

I don’t think a single one of us know how to look at the same camera, but it’s a family thing I guess 🤷🏽‍♀️ to say this is one of the best Christmases I’ve had in years would be an understatement. Not a lot about my family is shared, but this is the first Christmas in many where my mom has gotten to spend it with all five of her children and at one time. I am overwhelmed with the amount of gifts I received, but the best one of all was being able to spend this Christmas with these five. Merry Christmas to all ❤️

HAPPY SATURDAY IT IS ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! This is a long one, are you ready??? Can someone tell me who is the girl is on the left? I mean seriously though. I think she was a McDonald’s eating, heavy alcohol drinking, no more gym going girl and I’m trying to remember who she is. Oh well, she’s obviously nothing to remember. .
Two months. Two months is what this is. October 23, 2017 is the left and December 22, 2017 is the right. The first thing I wanted to do was cry when I saw this. I wanted to cry because I never thought I would get to this point. I wanted to cry because I never knew I was the girl on the left and I never want to be her again. .
I don’t know what to say, or how to really say what I want to say. This has been a struggle in itself. Everyday is not easy. Do I want to go to the gym at 6 AM? No. Do I want to eat chicken (I used to hate chicken btw)? No. I don’t want to do a lot, but I do it to be better than the girl on the left. Everyday isn’t pretty. Yes I eat a cookie when I want to and I may eat some Panda Express chicken when I want to, but it’s all within reason. You don’t have to cut out EVERYTHING, but cut down. // I’ve had people say, why do you see a personal trainer when you can look this stuff up yourself for free? And I mean, I get it. Yes, there are resources out there that I can use and TBH I’ve used them before and did you see this out of it? NOPE. This is consistency and accountability ALL because of my decision to see a personal trainer. I can’t do this on my own and how many people can honestly say they can?? I didn’t just pick any personal trainer though. I made sure this was the right one, I made sure I would get to this point with her. • To bring this to an end, I’m thanking @kaylinpyles for the millionth time for this. Without her, I would not be the girl on the right. I would not push myself beyond limits. It’s important to have a friendship with your personal trainer and that is what I have gained from this. P.S. go follow Kaylin, DM her with serious inquiries, and get your booty to the gym with us.

And if I asked you to name all the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?

Oh you little outlaw, stealing my heart and all.. that moment when @michaelraymusic looks and WAVES to you 💕

Summer 2016–>fall of 2017 I know. Two completely different pictures. Clothed not clothed, I get that. I actually cried AT the gym last night because I got so discouraged. These already skinny girls, not even working hard, post their “transformation” pictures only to show how much skinnier they’ve gotten (very little muscle growth). Here’s the thing, I let it get to me. •why can’t I be smaller?
•why does it take me so long to lose weight/tone up?
• why why why???? Those are just a few things going through my head. I had to do a side by side to show myself you are NOT where you used to be. BE PROUD OF THAT MUCH. Everyday I tend to get discouraged, only to pick myself right back up when looking at how much better I look. Not only has training turned me around physically, but mentally. I might break down, but who doesn’t?? I have @kaylinpyles to thank and even thank you isn’t enough. I guess the point of this is, is to STOP comparing yourself to others. Do you and stick to focusing on yourself before anyone else. Happy Wednesday my dudes 💕

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