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DeLacy  Compton Girl in a Culinary World

Yesterday @fezter54 was holding a bottle of water and offhandedly I asked him - Is that sparkling or still? And in that moment I thought - Did I just say that? The culinary/hospitality world has definitely made its mark on us. ☺️ #marriedlife #prematurewine #apricotcheesecake #moet #shrimpandcrab #bastilleday #weekendvibes

Practicing connecting letters today. I figured I’d start with words/phrases I already know #MakeYourself is my @incubusofficial go to song when I need to have a pep talk with myself 👑💪🏽 Even had an audience for a little while
#lettering #drawingletters #reconnectingwithmyself #momlife #theyrealwayswatching #positiveinfluence

Happiest of Birthdays to my #BFF @kristalann.myjourney I love you so much and hope you have an AWESOMELY AMAZING DAY!!! 🎂👯‍♀️ idk what I’d do without you!

The only time I’d happily be compared to a pig! #bethebacon #work #award #recognition #fullycommitted
Almost two years ago I packed it up and moved to Northern California because I needed a change and a new challenge. Boy did I find it! The challenges (at times) made me feel like I was in over my head! But I worked harder, got through being out of my comfort zone, and learned things about an industry I new absolutely zero about. And while this feels great I’ll never stop learning and growing. #shoutout to @_dan__miller_ thanks for everything! 🙏🏽

On average, the number of years between me (#3) and the rest of my sisters is about 8 years. BUT! - the number of years between me and #2 @all_time_flo_ is only 1 and a half years! So we’re the closest in age and have been each other’s roll dog from the beginning. When I see Harry and Mila together I always think- Jen and I were probably just like them. ☺️ So #HAPPYBIRTHDAY to my almost #irishtwin 🤣 You have always been the toughest girl I know. ✊🏽👯‍♀️ I love you to pieces!!

Here’s a few more of this kid from the weekend!! #babyzero #raptorboy #teenager #thirteen #growingboy #youngman ❤️

Some of my favorite people 😊
#family #loveisallyouneed

Because its not everyday you can take a #selfie thousands of feet in the air
#hotairballoon #basketselfie

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