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dela_artist  Messenger of the unknown. Based in Denver, CO. Contact: [email protected] For canvas prints and originals go to

“Surrender 1, 2, 3” SWIPE THE SCREEN LEFT to see All 3! I enjoyed working back to back to back on this series. They were mostly about having fun and not being so serious for once. lol All are available as canvas prints (large and small) on my website “Surrender 3” is still available. PM for inquires. or email me #surrender #surrenderseries #surrender2 #surrender3 #surrender1

Here's a clip from the interview I did for @lordsofconsciousness at @gemandjamfestival thanks Clint!! It was fun. To see the while video go to #gem #interview #lotds #consciousnessshift

Hello! I have these 2 huge “Surrender” part 1 and 2 for sale. They are both 36x36” and they’re hand embellished with fluorescent and iridescent paint (I added paint strokes to the prints). Free shipping in the US. $300 each or a deal on both. First come first serve. email me at or PM me or message me. #delacanvas #surrender1 #surrender2 #surrenderseries

Back to work on "Medium". A biggie. Denver! I'm looking to buy a car. Preferably an outback, element, or anything with room. No sedans etc. Lmk! Tag a peep. #carro #car

Made a cheap maulstick. Maulsticks are usually used by oil painters so you can rest your hand and not touch the wet paint with your hand or smear with your hand. Call me Darth Maul. :) if anyone in denver has the first Xbox and Halo1 I will rent it or trade. I'm craving some old school first shooter action on my projector. Good day. #darthmaul #maulstick #oilpainting #oil #delacanvas #medium

“Surrender 3” 36x36” Oil and acrylic on canvas. Taste the rainbow! i think i will be doing more of these edges with nova paints, and with spray paint stay tuned. This Painting is AVAILABLE. Serious inquires only, email me or PM me. Payment plans available. #delacanvas #edge #love #life #inspire #paint #surrender #surrenderseries ##surrender3 #surrealism #ig

Painting on the edge. Gonna add some color blends too. Mostly magenta. We will see. Headed to Cervantes!! #edge

“We Are” 28”x40” Acrylic on Canvas 2013
I wanted to make a piece about what it felt like to be an artist in the present. The ocean, full of trash, paint a bleak picture of todays world which is very black and white. It feels like we have no options on the choosing of the colors of the world. This is the reason most environmental paintings I make, have a black and white background on the bottom usually, it is the place where we reside. The colors are usually on top, in the cosmos, in the imagination, and the artist pulls the inspiration with her brush, to let the paint travel through the body and adds color to the monochromatic world. As artists WE ARE the game changers, WE ARE the ones changing the tides, WE ARE the activists or ARTivists, WE ARE the World. #weare #monochromatic #inspire #life #love #paint

Haven't played in a bit.... Second passion. Music, especially drums and percussion, have always been in my life. With hand drumming I've always felt an instant connection to the primal beings that we are. Drum circles around a huge fire in the middle of nowhere are a favorite of mine. With full drum set, the release is more physical while being in sync. #secondpassion #drummer #drummist #love #life #I #ig

NEW ART!!!!! "Surrender 3" 36x36" oil and acrylic on canvas. I'm doing a sale at (first image when u scroll down) on the canvas print for $80 at 14x14". Free shipping in the US. Happy Valentine's Day everyone. #surrender3 #artsale #series #art #delacanvas #surrenderseries #sale #visionary #trippy #life #love #l

I'm available to photograph your masterpieces. In downtown denver. $25 each. This piece had a lot of satin black acrylic in the background which reflects the lights heavily but I think I got the money shot. 😎 good night. Tomorrow I'll be releasing this piece and the canvas print will be on sale for all you lovers. #flowdownstream #surrender3 #series #artsale #art #delacanvas

"Surrender 3" edited. Ill be releasing this piece tomorrow at noon and will be doing a canvas print on my website stay tuned! Painting is 36x36" and is Available. Serious inquiries email me at #surrender1 #surrender2 #surrender3 #series #flowdownstream #art #artsale