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A Walk To Remember

One of the many photos I captured at this neat little place. I can only think about the conversations that were had while walking down this driveway. I know I was staring through my viewfinder just thinking how cool it would be to have it as my driveway. If this was just a old back road somewhere in the south would probably walk this stretch of road for an hour or so.... I decided to do this crop instead of the normal 3x2 format because I wanted a almost panorama kind of feel.

Anyways, Happy Friday!! #charleston #lowcountry #beaufortsc #visitsc #visitbeaufortsc #spanishmoss #moss #liveoak #tree #dirtroad #spring #private #panorama

Azalea Avenue, Magnolia Plantation
So this is not the exact photo I had in my mind for many years, I was able to get that one and many more. I will be sharing it, just not yet.
So when I first started in photography and started my FLICKR page back in 2007 I was amazed with all the amazing places that are here in America. Some years later I saw a photo of the Magnolia Plantation in spring bloom. That photo was taken by @daveallenphoto Since seeing that photo I knew at one point I had to see the Azalea's and capture a an image from there.
I have also seen many photos from @markvandykephoto from the Long Bridge area at Magnolia. When I told April I wanted to go to Magnolia in the Spring I showed her some photos by Mark & Dave and she so was so exited she started doing some research on her own and came coming up with photos taken by both Dave & Mark.
If you want to see this place for yourself I know both Dave and Mark offer workshops. They both have some amazing images from all over the Virginia, North Carolina and the low country in South Carolina.
If you don't like there pages already, you should head on over and give them a like, and tell them I said Hi.

Pathway, Magnolia Plantation. I hope what ever path you choose today will be filled with great things. #charleston #southerncharm #southcarolina #visitsc #magnolia #magnoliaplantation #azalea #stone #pathway #spring #spanishmoss

Peacock & Azalea's

I have been wanting to photograph the Magnolia Plantation in the spring when the azalea's are at peak for many years. This year was the year we decided to make the drive to Charleston SC. I have to say a big thank you to the folks at Magnolia for replying to my e-mails and being so kind to us during our visit.

About an hour before I took this photo we were at the famed "Ave" where a lot of the awesome azalea flower photos are taken. When I was there waiting for my turn at the avenue, the lighting took a turn for the worse and I was listening to a workshop leader talk about how in all her years of shooting she has never seen the peacock in that area, but she did the week before.

I decided to leave that area and return when the lighting was better and it was less crowded. I wondered around for a bit and finally made my back to the "Avenue" and made the photo I had been waiting almost 12 years to make.

After I was done and really happy to have finally made the image I had in my mind, I was startled by the peacock when it called just a few feet behind me...... LOL almost pooped my pants. So I walked down the road little ways and put on my telephoto lens and waited for the peacock to come in to view... CLICK!! #magnolia #plantation #magnoliaplantation #gardens #southcarolina #lowcountry #visitsc #peacock #wildlife #azalea #magnoliaplantationandgardens #springbloom

One of my favorite things to in photography is to make panoramas. This one was made from three landscape format images. The three landscape images were all made 5 images for focus stacking... So that makes this image a total of 15 images.
This was the last stop on our trip before heading back north to New York. April and I had this neat little roadside photo spot all to ourselves for the entire hour we were there. We didn't see anyone, not even a passing car. How awesome is that?? #panorama #pano #landscape #lowcountry #beaufort #charleston #olympusamerica #olympus #pro

3 Windows & Door

There is just something really fun about walking the side streets in Charleston SC. I bet I could shoot these side streets for a week straight and be happy.... Oh that sounds like a trip I should book. Well I will have to add that on my places to go and shoot.

For this photo I pretty much just had to set up across the street and get my focus locked. I did have to wait for a car that was stopped in front of the house to leave which was only a minute or so. I also turned my circular polarizer filter to an that it would not get rid of the reflection. I like seeing the reflections in the windows.... I think it adds just a tiny touch of detail in an otherwise kind of boring area of a photo.

I have a bunch more photos to share with you, what do you think of these kinds of photos? would you rather see something else?? #Charleston #southcarolina #lowcountry #rainbowrow #historiccharleston #downtown #teal #history #spring #south #carolina

Old Dirt Road. Sometimes there is nothing like traveling an old dirt road to help you wash away your stress. This was shot a little place we happen to find along the side of the road. Just an old dirt road in South Carolina. It a part of a long driveway covered with Live Oak trees and Spanish moss. When my wife and I were there shooting we didn't see another car doe the entire hour... awesome. #lowcountry #southcarolina #visitsc #spring #plantation #charleston

Red Row House

I shot this one morning while roaming one of the many historic side streets in Charleston South Carolina. There is just something really neat about all the colorful row houses and alleyways.
I happened upon this house after helping this lady park her car. So here is the quick story.... After shooting at Magnolia Plantation April and I drove over the Rainbow Row area to shoot some of the historic houses. I was minding my our business and busy focusing and composing my image when behind me I heard this husband and wife fighting about getting a parking spot. She told him to go to the house and she would wait for a spot to open... After a few minutes a parking spot did open and about 3 spaces behind where this lady was stopped.... She tried to back this tiny little car up, but she was a nervous wreck and starting to panic behind the wheel.... I asked if she needed help and she said "yes" so I was telling her how to back up and she was just getting worse so I asked her if she just wanted me to back the car up.... I did and she was very happy to have me do it.

After I parked her car, she asked if April and I wanted a private tour of one of the famed "Rainbow Row" houses. We declined. I am sure it would have been awesome, but we wanted to do our own thing.

Anyways, I have many many photos to share with you from our trip, I hope you like colorful images like this one. #charleston #visitsc #downtown #historiccharleston #rowhouse #traddstreet #rainbowrow #red #windows #doors #spring

First Light, Lincoln Memorial

Last Thursday April and I headed south to the Charleston SC area in hopes to capture a photo I have had on my bucket list for a number of years. I am happy to report, the light was exactly what I wanted and needed to make photo dream a reality.
On Thursday night we drove to Washington D.C. for a quick sunrise photo shoot at the Lincoln Memorial, I have wanted to shoot the first light of the day here, I know I have been to DC many times in the past, so didn't I shoot it before?? Well I was shooting the cherry blossom bloom. This time I was hoping to shoot them again, but the weather and the peak bloom were not working in my favor, oh well.

So I was sitting at home processing this photo and it occurred to me that on Friday morning I shot sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial and on Saturday morning I shot sunrise at Battery Park in Charleston SC where the first shots of the civil war rang out.... CRAZY!! I didn't plan on it, it just happened that way.

So anyways, Hope you all enjoy this photo and have a great weekend, I have lots of images to go through. #cherryblossom #visitdc #lincoln #memorial #lincolnmemorial #nationalparkservice #sunrise #abstract #washintondc

A photo of the photographer... yes I know, I should stay behind the camera, but hey every once in a while I do have to show up in front. My wife took this photo of me while I was trying to decide on the shot I wanted. The road behind me is one that Forrest Gump ran down.... #selfie #southcarolina #lowcountry #countryliving

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