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Dylan Ekren  I make cartoons for babies. I use Zbrush, Maya and Modo.


Girblin cosmetic update. More neutral face for posing. I also opened up the mouth and made some shape adjustments.

Girblin accountability update. Added some details and took some out.

Girblin posing.

A week's worth of Girblin progress working during lunch. She's gonna be pretty stabby.

Stabby girblin costume idea.

She's armed!

OH NO. #girblin

A dragon man commission.

#tbt an old study that went way down a tangent. Always liked her proportions and lanky look but never had a reason to finish up. 2016.

Cammy #camuary

Go follow Alena @mumbojumb0 and check out the amazing big pig sculpt she did based on Cory Loftis' Inktober stuff. You won't want to miss Alena's posts!

Minty. Another study that ended up going on way too long.

You can't make an omelette without first finding the crystaline nests of the Shrieking Rock Warblers, defeating them, and gathering their eggs.


V13 of that Girblin. At this point I stopped and did a draw over so I wasn't just designing blindly.

Just Girblin stuff


Another #starfinder character idea I had. Lashunta gunslinger. Felt a little too "cool chick with a mysterious past" generic but I kinda like this drawing.

Starfinder happens Monday. Here's my character. He's an Android actor from a semi famous buddy-cop TV show that took place in the starfinder equivalent of the 21st century. Now he's an adventurer calling upon scenes and plots from his TV career to navigate the dangerous wilds of spaaaaace.

Warmup drawing fitness models on Instagram.

Kim from @mattandkim
I really like their music!

A Girblin alchemist. Throw out some names in the comments. Best name wins this drawing.

Fairy fountain

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