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Dekilah  Tiny, All Natural Art Model & Self Portraitist Being nice is my superpower ⬇If you want photos, nudes, videos⬇

From a special hotel shoot I did with @dvsdetroit this past weekend. Full gallery will be up on my Patreon soon 😊

A little peek at the nude and sheer fabric play gallery that went live for my Patrons today. Sign up now to see it 😊 Photographer: Steven Jon Horner.

I was so happy to see this beautiful art by @knathart pop up in my notifications! I love being part of other's art πŸ’œ Please go have a look at his @kunalnath10 account and check out his other work, too 😊
#sketching #painting #illustration #charcolepainting #kunalnath #nudesketch - #regrann #fanart #blackandwhite #portrait

I'm sending out my Thank You cards for the month and each one has some of these lovely, limited edition signed mini prints in it. I thought I'd give you all a rare peek in case you were curious. πŸ˜‰ Want to get your very own mini prints and hand-written thank you card every month from yours truly? Sign up to my Patreon! Details at the link on my profile. 😊

Here's a throwback to a past figure nude shoot with Vitamin Dave. This was back when I'd always put my hair up for nudes because one photographer early on (not this one) told me my hair was too distracting and he'd have to Photoshop too much if I left it down. I do think having it up works well for this shot, of course, but I almost always wear it down now thanks to my taking up self portraits and leaving my hair down for those. Once I did that, other photographers asked me to leave it down, too. It's interesting how things can change over time, don't you think?

A little preview of the sensual cell phone selfies I just shot. Click the link on my profile for access.

For years as a teenager I was obsessed with mythology, particularly that of the Greeks and Romans. I think my teenaged self would be pretty impressed with this and my current self is pretty pleased with it, too πŸ˜‰ .
Photographer: 218 Photography, MUA: Beauty by Knott. .
PS: I'm still recovering from a pretty heavy migraine so bear with me until I can get back to all of my messages and such.

This very wet, erotic gallery just went live on my Patreon for all $7 and up Patrons. Make sure you head over there to see all of the uncensored photos. Link on my profile. I hope you're all having a great Sunday! 😊

My frilly booty. This is one of the most stolen, uncredited photos of me πŸ˜• I still love it, but if you see it on your internet travels and I'm not credited along with @ben_cook_69 the photographer, let them know we made this! 😊

Did you know I make things? I post my creations over on my @delilasophia IG and I'd love for you to follow me there too. 😊 These are Fire πŸ”₯ & Ice ❄ Miniature Scarab Beetles. Each of these little guys is needle felted and then beaded by hand. IG Special: $15 for both with FREE Shipping (US only for free, but I can ship worldwide). Comment "Want" and DM me your PayPal to snag these two! - #regrann @regrann

My #WomanCrushWednesday this week is a lovely local Makeup Artist: @raq.a.pella. This is just one photo of the results of her skills and I'm really looking forward to working with her coming up! Take a peek at her IG and give her a follow if you would 😊.
Photo by : @photogreg - Model: @ashnightling772 - #regrann

I post a lot of butt selfies that are a little less subtle than this one, but I thought I'd mix it up. I think subtlety​ can be erotic, sometimes even more so. .
And if you'd like to see the more booty-liscious ones, they've all been uploaded to the Monthly Selfies folder on my Patreon.

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