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de•i•ty  Divine 🐕✨. Their lives matter. All breeds + all ages embraced. Designer of @deityjewels #jewelry4life. Welcome to our pack. Venmo: @deityanimalrescue

$5 Giving Tuesday... Birdie is a senior girl who clearly had a rough life. We rescued her from the shelter on her very last day a few months back. She has been with one of our amazing fosters ever since.
Birdie now has cancer and needs to have surgery. Reaching out tonight to our village for help.
Senior pitties are definitely our soft spot and it’s because of your support that we are able to save them.
Venmo: @deityanimalrescue .
PayPal link in our bio.
#ittakesavillage 🙏🏻💗🐾.
#seniorstrongalldaylong .
#adoptthecropped .
#cargostrong .
#thoseeyestho .
📸 // @christianshenouda

Pocket. His eyes say it all. He’s home.
Not gonna lie, our hearts were broken for this boy. His family needed to relinquish him to us a couple of weeks ago and we could tell he was beyond sad and confused.
But just look at him now. New home with a wonderful new fam. When we went to visit him today, his entire energy had changed, including the intensity in his body language and the look in his eyes. They had softened, they’re now relaxed. And that’s EVERYTHING to us... he’s so loved and our hearts are full.
Happy Life, sweet Pocket. Words cannot express how much we ♥️ you. #itsallgoodnow 🏡💕. #rescuedisourfavoritebreed #hislifematters #fosteringsaveslives @anoisybird 🙏🏻

Yesterday when we were at the shelter rescuing Lola, we spotted this baby boy. I mean, how could you miss him? He’s a six-month-old Border Collie mix and on a stray hold until Thursday, which means he needs to stay there until then. But if nobody shows up to claim him, we’ll be there to scoop him first thing.
We’d like to have a soft landing set up... please email us if you’re interested in fostering or adopting this boy.
#adoptme #fosteringsaveslives #rescuepuppiesmakeushappy #thoseyestho

Say hello to our latest rescue, Lola. We were asked to post her on Friday because she was super urgent. Well, we took one look at this face and knew we needed to go scoop her up... this Freedom Ride just had to happen.
Lola is 45 pounds, 5-years-old and a beautiful lab mix. She’s dog friendly and was a daily part of the shelter playgroups. She knows her basic commands, a few tricks and takes treats with the sweetest, softest mouth. She loves her walks and is a dream on a leash.
Welcome to the pack, precious girl.
Life is good.
#adoptme #blackdogsrule #blacklab #fosteringsaveslives @anoisybird 🙏🏻💗 #A4344577 .

A first kiss from the boy who had been so completely shut down in the shelter. It’s a good day.
Jet is healthy and decompressing at our vet right now.
By his smiles and kisses, he clearly knows he’s safe. We are anxious to get him into a Foster home ASAP where he can truly relax - and continue on his journey to finding his people.
Jet is dog friendly, about 45 pounds and just the perfect size. He looks like he could be a mix of shepherd / border collie / pit.
We are happy to pay for all food and supplies, you just supply the home and TLC... #fosteringsaveslives #hislifematters #rescuefosteradoptrepeat #ADOPTME .

Grateful at the end of a very hard week to @newyorkbullycrew for putting these emotions into words... #mondaymotivation .
On a daily basis your faith will be tested.
You’ll question humanity.
Your heart will be wounded. Your soul will be altered.
On a weekly basis you’ll question yourself.
You’ll question your strength.
You’ll question the world.
On a monthly basis you’ll fall down.
You’ll get up.
You’ll go on.
On a yearly basis you’ll look back.
You’ll see faces.
You couldn’t save them.
You’ll learn to mourn.
To grieve.
To sob.
You’ll learn to trust a little less.
To do a little more.
To fight a little harder.
You’ll learn to hope.
To pray.
You’ll learn to fail.
To succeed.
You’ll learn when to hold on.
When to give up.
When not to give up.
You’ll learn who you are.
What you stand for.
You may even sometimes question what you’re doing.
But here’s the good news. When you question, all you have to do is take a look around…
And you’ll see them.
You’ll see their faces.
You’ll see their smiles.
You’ll feel their love.
In their eyes, you’ll see their journeys.
You’ll remember their new beginnings.
You’ll know how far they’ve come.
You’ll remember when they didn’t know you or trust you.
When they’d given up. You’ll remember how you helped them heal. How you loved them. How they loved you, too. And as you look back you’ll want to move forward.
For them and because of them.
In your darkest hours, you’ll look around to find the lives saved because you existed. In those moments, when you look into their eyes, every doubt will be erased.
Every question will be answered.
Every bit of pain was worth it.
For this moment.
This girl was rescued nine years ago. Her story from then on is a happy one.

This snuggle is very real.✨ #adoptme #fivemonthsoldgoingon50 #rescuepuppiesmakeushappy #thatscrufftho 💜

Munchkin LOVE.
Meet Olive. @istandwithmypack ‘s newest (and littlest) member. #adoptme 💗.
#babylove #rescuepuppiesmakeushappy #herlifematters #fosteringsaveslives @ooohweeemary #grateful .
Thank you to everyone who reached out with name suggestions. 🙏🏻💕

This is the most PAWSOME day ever... I’ve found my people! xx Betty.
Happy Life, baby girl! We and @thelabellefoundation + love you so very much!
A huge thanks to @marleysmutts @zachskow for your courtesy post and to @girlmama_3 for seeing it and falling hard. #ittakesavillage 🙏🏻💗🐾 #herlifematters #rescuedisourfavoritebreed #spayandneuteryourpets #tgif #bulldoglove #thatsmiletho

UPDATE! Casey has been rescued! Lola has been transferred to the Agoura Shelter and is still in need of a home.💗
........UGHHHH! @muttmatchlak9rescue will Rescue these two but she needs FOSTERS ASAP. The dogs only have until end of business TODAY. Both are females are and good with other dogs! Come on guys, someone step up... #fosteringsaveslives . Please call or text 323-839-2980 or DM us if you can help. #A5192623 Casey is 2 years old and #A4344577 Lola is 8 years old. #THEIRLIVESMATTER #adoptme #seniordogsrock #blacklab #thoseeyestho #fosterneeded

This little three-month-old pup will be sprung this afternoon. She needs a name and she needs somewhere to land... who can help?
Email @istandwithmypack...
#HERLIFEMATTERS #rescuepuppiesmakeushappy #losangelesdogs #thoseeyestho #thatFACEtho #ittakesavillage

Yesterday when we went to shelter to rescue Jet, @birdandthedogs spotted this boy, Billy. She literally parked it in front of his kennel and wouldn’t leave him. Soon @kimberlyovitz joined the sit-in. We already knew that he was coming home with us well before the meet and greet.
Billy is a 2-year-old Border Collie mix and could not be sweeter. His energy is calm and he seems to be totally dog friendly. Spending time to get know him better but we are already TOTALLY OBSESSED.
Now accepting applications. #adoptme
A huge thank you to you, @kimberlyovitz for giving Billy the greatest gift of a soft landing... #fosteringsaveslives BIG TIME.
And this is the best news. Together with @istandwithmypack we saved six lives yesterday. Stay tuned... #ittakesavillage #strengthinnumbers #theirlivesmatter #rescuefosteradoptrepeat ♥️🐾

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