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Deirdre Callahan  fear none. love all. // EMT ☤ // PCESD 6

since a fire we were on together in November, she’s wanted pictures of her from a call. today, I finally got the chance to take some. ♥️

pincushions today for better patient care tomorrow // 2•14•18

2 out of 42 were normal // 12•29•17

There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not grateful to be a part of the PCESD 6 family and to be work along side people I can call my brothers and sisters. // Here are some photos I took at a hay bale fire we fought 10/24/2017. Enjoy!

if there’s something I’ve learned from @kayzilch, it’s how to not give a damn about things that will mean nothing a short while after they occur. to embrace being perfectly imperfect. to take time for you. to not change yourself for the sake of another person. that you don’t have to justify your happiness to someone else. that sugarcoating your problems gets pretty much nothing accomplished. that sometimes we just need to take a moment and stop. completely. and regroup. and that just because you’re a Christian, it doesn’t mean you have to have your shit together. .
recently Kayla told me that the words “unapologetically human” came to her mind when she sees my name, and recently, I’ve decided to embrace it and run with it. so here I am. ready to conquer the world and be me, without apologizing to anyone because honestly, it takes too much effort to be someone else. it’s 2017 and about damn time I quit changing myself for someone who couldn’t care less about me. so that’s why I’m not apologizing for the selfie. or the long post. or even the swear words.
and if you’ve made it this far, I appreciate you ❤️. (ps check out @tobetruth_ for some awesomeness that will rock your world)

Just wanted a simple picture but @kevinapereira kept throwing the shade...

It's been a year since you went home, and I think some of us are jealous you're with our Father. But your legacy, oh your legacy - one with hope and endless amounts of love - still lives on. You taught everyone so much during your short time here, yet somehow I can't find the right words to thank you for what you taught me in 6 years. Jacob Oden, we love you oh so much. #lightupthedark

I may have to give A&M the boot and start saying #RollTide 🐘 // pc: @davidainsworth

this chapter ended for me 5 months ago, but I loved it so much I decided it was worth rereading ❤️ congrats c/o '17. I wish you the best

The last 12 1/2 years have taught me a lot, but most importantly, these 3 things.
1) your success is not determined by your age, but by your hard work
2) while traditional practices are good, sometimes they need to be challenged
3) sometimes you have to make the door of opportunity for yourself
To the Class of 2017: Go change the world ❤️

everyone keeps talking about graduation but they're 5 months too late ✌🏼️✌🏼️ // pc: @dhg_photography

When you spend time with someone different than you, you will be introduced to a world you didn't know existed #theluckyfew

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